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 Hi Expert,

I want to create confirmation alert message box in Sencha Touch. Please tell me how to do this?

Your help is a great appreciated. 
  1. Re: confirmation msg box in sencha touch

    Hello Chintoo Semi,
    First of all, I would like to correct one thing in your question, There is nothing like Confirmation Alert Message Box in Sencha Touch. Sencha Touch provides Prompt Message box, Confirmation Message Box and Alert Message Box. You can use these message as per your requirement.
    Here the code is:
    Prompt Message Box:

          'Enter screen name',
           function(btn, text){
           if(btn == 'ok'){

    Confirmation Message Box:
    Ext.Msg.confirm("Confirmation", "Are you sure you want to send this info?", function(btn){
                    if (btn === 'yes'){

    Alert Message Box:
       Ext.Msg.alert('MessageBox_Title','This is alert message box');

    Please check out the following link for more details on Sencha Touch Messages Box:

    I hope it might be helpful for you. Thanks !!

      Modified On Mar-30-2018 05:47:15 AM


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