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The role of social media in education

The role of social media in education

HARIDHA P 123 06-Dec-2022

Social media is a collection of programmes and websites linked together on a platform with a computer-mediated network where users may exchange, produce, and publish information in a public forum. The main goal of social media is to make virtual social networking possible.

Social media became generally recognised as a reliable source of information throughout time as more individuals and organizations began to rely on it as a key channel for communication.

Social media's educational advantages

Students and instructors use social media because of its expanding advantages for learning, sharing, and researching a range of subjects. Social media makes possible:

The instructors' and students' fraternity can easily share knowledge, which benefits students by giving them more exposure.

The cost-effectiveness of social media makes it possible to disseminate enormous amounts of information quickly and easily. Additionally, it offers safe exchange of personally identifiable information and data encryption.

Data sharing in a school or college is limited by time. However, since it can be accessed from anywhere, any news or information may be disseminated and its veracity verified.

Industry professionals have produced bits of material that enable students to acquire and gain a thorough understanding of the required topics by getting in touch with the specific expert.

An interactive platform that gives students the chance to connect with peers around the world and engage in social learning. Social media has played a significant role in bringing individuals together from all over the world to exchange pertinent knowledge and information.

Access to various content types that aid in extending the subject of study is provided.

In addition, social media offers reputable online degree programmes both in India and overseas. In the convenience of their own home and at their own speed, an Indian student can earn their desired degree from esteemed universities like Harvard and Stanford. With the rise of social media and reputable institutions jumping on board to provide online degrees and recognised courses that assist in employee upskilling, the future of education has undergone a significant change.

Manager of social media as a career

Numerous job prospects have expanded alongside the sector as a result of social media's growing popularity and the popularity of online education in India. Taking the position of social media manager as an illustration, this individual is committed to managing the company's or startup's online reputation. The type of material a company posts on social media, its logo, how their goal and vision are represented, etc., are all examples of brand management. The social media manager looks after the online sales leads and is in charge of expanding the brand's presence among customers.

To achieve the targeted sales drive for the company, analytics are used and campaigns are devised and run.

Social media had a significant role in the epidemic in terms of influencing a company's marketing and sales output. It enables businesses to connect with clients who are located in various cities, states, or international locations.


Social media has a significant influence on the education industry, particularly in light of the pandemic. All schools and institutions have moved their tutoring systems online as a result of the present pandemic crisis. Consequently, India now offers several online degree programmes. In terms of online graduate and postgraduate degree programmes in business administration and computer applications, Manipal University Jaipur is a pioneer in this field.

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