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How modern life disconnected from Nature?

How modern life disconnected from Nature?

Niyati Thole270 04-Sep-2022

Despite the proven benefits, research shows that humans have been increasingly disconnected from nature since the 1950s. Studies show that patients requiring minor surgery require more painkillers when the room is full of flowers and leaves. They also reported less fatigue.

The benefits of being in touch with nature are all too obvious, but we are disconnected from nature every day. Little is known about the types of animals, but there will be a generation that grows up to be able to name all the Pokémon characters.

But how did it get here?


Urbanization purifies the natural environment and separates people from nature. City development has turned many wild places that were 'paradise' into settlements. Research shows that urbanization is a major cause of deforestation.

In just 40 years, 52% of the world's wildlife has been lost to deforestation and human settlement in wilderness areas. leisure activities

In the mid-19th century, television was the most popular form of entertainment. Children replaced nature activities such as playing in green fields and adults spent their afternoons with nature. Today's smartphones and computers only deteriorate when they come into contact with nature. Many people prefer to use their mobile phones as the latest 'virtual tours' instead of physically visiting places and experiencing beautiful nature. A variety of online leisure activities deny intimacy with nature through a variety of activities in nature.

Private property

In the modern world, much of nature is privately owned. What is revealed is restricted by law, so it is difficult to communicate freely with nature. Some property restrictions apply to parks, beaches, forests, and mountains. So many people are moving away from nature. 'No entry' and 'No Return' are generic terms that limit modern life to nature. does more damage

People have imagined the Earth as an object of continuous destruction without even thinking about whether it is harming. The Christian concept made a person believe that he owns the earth and everything on it. Because of this, people called other creatures beasts, treated them like savages, and did not forget that they were beasts too. Water bodies are becoming more and more polluted and there is no interest in other creatures and aquatic life that need clean water.


In modern life, it is clear that man is separated from nature, but it is impossible to be completely separated from nature. Man is nature. It may be difficult to change and reconnect with nature as it was in the 1950s, but things can be improved so that people can benefit from interacting with nature.

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