10 Reasons To Prioritize Frictionless Customer Experience

10 Reasons To Prioritize Frictionless Customer Experience

Do you want to increase your business revenues? Are you wondering what aspect you need to improve to better your business? Improving your customer experience might be what your business needs. You must never lose sight of the fact that customers are the cornerstone of your business. Accordingly, your customers deserve a seamless and convenient experience when engaging with your business.

There are a lot of things that need to be considered in creating a great customer experience and knowing the reasons why there’s a demand to prioritize it is vital. Here are some of the rationales behind it:

1. Retention Of Customers

Being able to meet your customer’s expectations with efficiency and highest quality is the perfect recipe for customer retention. There would be no friction if there’s is no dissatisfaction. Moreover, with the combined efforts of your team and investment in technology to focus on bettering your customers’ experience is the way to go. Investing in a business and technology service providers online, such as Argano, can provide the tools that you need to ensure that you’ll have happy and satisfied customers in the long run.

2. Attraction Of New Customers

New customers are bound to seek your business if word gets around fast about the efficiency and quality of your products or services. Some customers may have had bad experiences with other companies and are looking for a new brand that can give them the customer care they are searching for, plus the quality of products or services that can satisfy their needs. The frictionless customer experience exhibited by your business adds up to the consistency of your brand, making their customer journey a positive one.

3. Improved Reputation

Customers who are satisfied with the quality of your products or services are more likely to spread their positive customer experience. They’ll definitely recommend your brand to their friends and families.

Some are likely to share their contentment with your products and services through their social media accounts and leave positive reviews on your official social media pages making your company gain more traffic and credibility.

With a good reputation your brand will attract more customers and increase your business revenues.

10 Reasons To Prioritize Frictionless Customer Experience

4. Increased Sales

As previously stated, a frictionless customer experience will retain your current clients and also attract new customers. These customers will spend their money on your products and services, and with their growing numbers, your business’ sales will grow.

You’ll often wonder why signature brands still retain their customers even if their prices are getting higher, it’s simply because of the frictionless customer experience that they’ve had. They develop the mentality that as long as they’re getting quality goods and good customer support, they don’t mind how much they’re paying.

Having this kind of customer mindset is an advantage to anyone’s business. Even if you’re not a big luxury brand, you can still identify the increase in revenue that investing in a positive customer experience path can do.

5. Increased Customer Support

In the course of running your business, there’s a possibility of encountering setbacks that can put your business in a bad light. In the course of the crisis, your loyal customers are more likely to stick with you and give you another chance for improvement. Your consistency in giving the best experience to your loyal customers led to their continuous trust to your brand, no matter the circumstances.

Your customers will want you to remain in business so that their needs can continue to be fulfilled. All this support will ensure that you’ll still have customers for your products even as you make amends.

6. Saved Resources On Marketing

When customers have a frictionless experience while engaging with your business, they’ll spread word around, as previously mentioned. They’ll become advocates of your brand and market it subconsciously as they share their good experience to friends and family.

With an established and reputable brand, you don’t need to use many resources to market your goods and services. The brand will speak for itself. This way, you save money and other resources and use them to improve your products and customer service, instead of spending it on lavish marketing campaigns.

7. Business Growth

Your customers are the cornerstone of your organization. Without them, you’d have no one to sell your products and services to. With a wider customer base due to your exemplary customer service, your business is bound to grow.

As previously stated, a good customer experience will increase your company's sales, raising your returns and profits. You can use these profits to provide more services and even expand your business by opening new branches at different locations to increase your customer base. This is a significant aspect and measure of business growth.

You’re likely to receive reviews and feedbacks regarding your company’s products and services, be it negative or positive, use this information to improve and make changes to meet your clients’ needs. By learning to accept recognition as well as criticisms, truly shows your company’s growth and maturity.

8. Better Competitive Edge

When your company is known for good customer service, your customers will want to explore and try all your products and services. This way, they’ll not see the need to look at the products and services offered by your competitors in the industry. They’ll be satisfied and contented with your brand.

This gives your brand its competitive edge in the industry.

9. Better Success Of New Projects

Due to your customers' established trust in your brand, they’ll always be anticipating new products and services from your company that’ll meet their needs.

With such a mindset, your customers will always want to try out any new products you bring in to the market. Some will be willing to take part in the trial process of the new products due to the trust that they have on the quality of your goods.

Your clients can also give you their insights and suggestions on what they expect from the new brands that you’ll be releasing to the market. Such interest and input increase the chance of your new goods to dominate the market.

10. Accurate Prediction Of Sales

With frictionless customer experience for your clients, your sales will increase. You’re able to analyze and conclude the products most sought. This information allows you to better plan your production process to avoid under-delivering. This way, all your customer needs are met with the highest quality product and on time.


Giving a good customer service experience is something that your business should practice seamlessly. With customer experience becoming the primary focus of almost all cutting-edge companies right now, it’s necessary that you plot your objectives and execute your strategies right away. Since all that matters, is the trust and support that your customers are willing to give your brand at the end of the day for your business to thrive to success.

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