Business idea: how to start a business on the development of mobile applications

Business idea: how to start a business on the development of mobile applications

These days science and technologies offer people vast opportunities for business running and development, and probably only thoroughly idle people have not considered yet how to start a mobile app business. A mobile application is able to boost the development of already existing companies or can be an outset for a successful startup.

If you are thinking all the time how to create a mobile app for your business and ready to make start towards this aim, get acquainted with our tips that can ease this issue and help you to avoid various pitfalls, they also can be used as some kind of a mobile app startup business plan.

1. Thoroughly study market

This point is probably rather obvious, but we cannot leave it out as it is indeed essential. So whatever you have on your mind, first of all, make a thorough research of the market. Define gaps and demand. If similar applications have already existed, study their main features, design, advantages, and disadvantages. Consider how you can stand out from them and what unique features you can offer; find out the best mobile app ideas in 2020.

2. Define your target audience

To create a really useful and successful mobile app, you need to define its target audience. You should understand your prospective customers' interests, needs, and expectations. That is why define what they like, what lifestyle they have, what their average age is, what features and characteristics are particularly valuable for them.

3. Define monetization options

Creating mobile apps, people have the purpose of getting revenue. It is important to define from the beginning in which way your mobile app will bring you money. There are several monetization models:

  • Freemium applications – an application can be downloaded free of charge. Still, particular features or contents can be gained just through a payment.
  • Paid applications – a user has to make payment via an app store to use an application. Marketing strategy is crucial for such apps as users are ready to pay only for really unique and valuable apps that do not have free analogs.
  • In-app purchases – an application is used as an eCommerce sales channel to sell various products or services.
  • Subscriptions – such applications are similar to freemium ones but produce profits due to recurring revenue.
  • In-app advertisements – it is the most popular monetization model as users do not have to pay for application usage while ads provide income. If you choose this type of monetization, keep in mind that it is better not to neglect user experience to get more ad space.
  • Sponsorships – it is possible to implement this monetization model if you have a significant user base, as it enables you to cooperate with different brands and advertisers that pay for users' actions, while an app provides further engagement for users.

All mentioned models have pros and cons, that is why you should make a profound analysis and choose the best one that is suitable for your business and your target audience.

4. Deal with a trustworthy development company

Your business will be doomed to success if you choose the right team for your app development. Nowadays, numerous mobile app development companies offer their services, and sometimes it is not easy to make the right decision and choose the best development company that knows how to make a successful app. It would be best if you were scrupulous about your development team selection. You must carefully study the portfolios of your prospective partners. Check completed and current projects. Monitor reviews of other people who have already worked with these companies, make sure that they have remained satisfied with results. Find out whether prospective development companies have required skills, experience, resources, and facilities. It is very important to check the range of provided services. Pay particular attention to QA services as the QA process ensures the quality of your application. If a chosen development company does not have an in-house QA department or it is overloaded with work, consider cooperation with a competent outsourcing software testing company.

5. Pay attention to design and usability

There is no doubt that a brilliant idea and valuable features are very important for mobile app development, but bear in mind that many other factors play a crucial role in your mobile app success. One of them is your app design. It must be eye-catching and user-friendly at the same time. Working on your app design, take into account usability. Your design must be not only engaging but rather simple and intuitive to provide easy usage.

6. Invest in marketing and pre-launch campaign

The app stores offer millions of mobile apps. Of course, it causes considerable competition in the mobile app market. However, you can withstand severe competition if you create a quality app and implement the right marketing strategy to promote it. You will get excellent results if you start making a fuss around your mobile app long before it hits the app stores. Use all available tactics — blog posts, paid ads, social media posts, guest posts, etc.

7. Consider app store optimization

As was mentioned, the mobile app market is significantly competitive. And it is essential to be visible in the app stores as traditionally most apps are found through this organic search. To provide app store optimization, pay attention to the following elements: unique and descriptive app name, clear icon, informative screenshots, useful description, engaging preview video, etc.

Plenty of aspects must be taken into consideration to ensure the success of a mobile app. Mobile app development requires significant efforts and attention to details. Following our steps to building an app, you will be able to move in the right direction, make the right decisions, and achieve set goals.

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