Best Mobile App Ideas for 2020

If you are keen to launch your own mobile app in 2020 but are not sure in which direction you want to go business-wise, then you have come to the right place.

When deciding on a new app idea, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration before you even start to think about the design and marketing process.

With the most important tasks that you need to carry out including:

● Defining your target market

● Researching your target market

● Checking out apps from competitors

● Identifying what these apps are lacking

● Finding a unique approach for your app

● Looking out for current industry trends that could influence your app

With the above in mind, keep reading to discover the top three best mobile app ideas for 2020 that will hopefully inspire and motivate you to find your own niche and create an award-winning app in no time.

1. A VR app

Virtual reality is becoming more and more accessible with currently over 171 million users of VR technology across a variety of different industries including gaming, healthcare, entertainment, fitness, advertising and many more. Therefore, if you want to create an app in an increasingly popular and expanding industry, then you could do a lot worse than focusing on a VR-enabled one.

One idea would be to create a virtual study group app where students from across the globe could meet to prepare for exams or discuss recent lectures.

If this sounds right up your street, then it might be a good idea to consult with a creative digital agency that can let you know if your idea is viable, but can also help with the design and marketing of your app.

2. An AR app

Another popular new technology, AR, or augmented reality is becoming more advanced and exciting with each passing day and offers mobile app developers many different ways to engage and attract potential users.

AR has the unique ability to engage the senses and offer a bespoke and personalized service that today’s consumers are so keen to experience.

There are already many entertainment-based AR apps, so why not look into using this technology in a different industry such as education or beauty?

Already have a great idea for an AR app? Find out how you can successfully market your idea to the masses by seeking the advice of a digital consultant who can help you with brand awareness and brand growth.

3. A Social media app

Did you know that currently 79% of the U.S population has a social media platform of some kind? That equates to a whopping 247 million people. With popular sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, why not create a mobile app that links all of these social media platforms together?

Imagine the advertising opportunities for an app that connected Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn? This concept would not only allow users to have a single place where they could access and connect all their preferred social media platforms, but it would also allow businesses to interact with their customers in a completely unique and highly engaging way.

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