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Ruby On Rails - Things you Must Know

Ruby On Rails - Things you Must Know

Atharva System1830 03-Jul-2020

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in the field of coding or are already a professional coder, Ruby On Rails development company can be a complex topic to discuss. It might look the same as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS from the outside but when you have a deeper insight into it you will realize that it bombs away from mere a language.

Hence, in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Ruby On Rails and what to expect from this language.

What is Ruby on Rails?

It fundamentally is a very time-efficient method for coding websites. It can be considered as a web based framework that allows developers to deliver repetitive and time-consuming code libraries instantly. It gives instant solutions for repetitive tasks so that developers can find a single liner coding and refer to the framework which they can implement into the apps they are creating. Web Frameworks usually belong to a specific language.

Jasmit Kaur is the owner of Culturebie, who said that RoR can be noted for its simple maintenance including the self-collaboration fact. This is, however, the nature of all frameworks to make the sites more manageable.

She also stated that due to the dual key tenets namely Convention over Configuration and DRY, Rails is the way it is.

  1. Convention over Configuration: It provides a shortcut-like solution in web application development so that you can focus on key features and not unending repetitive lines of code libraries that are not even specified.
  2. Don’t Repeat Yourself: DRY states that in the programming world “Every bit of information has its own specific function” and hence ROR makes the same repetitive information more manageable and less cluttered. 

Time Reducing and Less Prone to Bugs

Hence, Ruby On Rails development not only reduces the time to write repetitive lines of codes but also increases the management of the work and makes it less inclined towards bugs and simple to fix when new problems arise. Also, the RoR developers don’t have to leave the rationale and instructions for your coding instructions. The developers share a common ground for their conventions regarding RoR top reasons rely on ruby on rails.

Ruby on Rails development can create web apps that are fast and easy to manage. Using tails’ two tenets, you can simmer down the complexity level of the apps and make them easily functional.

Used to Build Web Apps

As the language is a web based framework, it is frequently used to develop web applications like Basecamp, GitHub, Kickstarter, and APIs. Hence, those companies that provide browser-oriented applications or APIs usually hire Ruby on Rails Developer that has extensive experience in this framework.

Can Beginners Start with Rails?

You may find people suggesting others to get into the coding world by learning CSS or HTML but where does RoR stand in this race? Is it due to its complexity difficult for a beginner to catch up on, or is it just another programming language that any newbie can master before mastering HTML and CSS?

RoR can be taught to the beginners as well and is very understandable. This language is so beginner-driven that it only takes a day to complete for a beginner. You can attend the workshops that were founded on Rails or can register with the online tutorials. Hence, Rails can be an excellent beginner’s choice to understand coding.

Before understanding the Rails, you need to understand some segments of Ruby. Keep in mind, to start with, only refer to the basic syntax and concepts of the language first. Using this language, many times, developers can transfer all the music files which are common or under the same band to a folder named after the band.

Excellent Beginner’s Choice

This language is an excellent beginner’s bet for the newbies to understand the Rails framework and coding as a whole, a lot better. It is time-efficient and easy to read and does a lot of work for you. Unlike C, which requires a lot of coding for any development, Ruby provides all of that instantly with not much coding.

The fact is, Rails is the next phase of Ruby. It means once you are through with Ruby basics you can switch over to Ruby on Rails. Once you have learned the basics (Rails) of this language, you can also opt to learn the advanced level of Ruby, i.e., RoR.

Difference between RoR and other Languages

Now that we know the difference between Rails and Ruby as a whole and how developers work on different websites using the Ruby programming language and how it can be an asset for the beginners joining the coding industry, it, however, makes us question that what is so different about Ruby on Rails than the other programming languages? Instead of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS why would someone use Rails as a web development programming language.

Ruby is an object-oriented programming language, which is something that lets the developer create virtual objects in their code, unlike the other languages that work by giving the system a roster of tasks that needs to be executed.

Every object’s function and specification are built individually and all of these objects can communicate with the other virtual objects in their code. Hence, instructions can be passed out to the group of objects so that they can act based on those traits and understand one another.

Reusable Codes

Imagine assigning virtual block A to build a building and virtual blocks B to create the steps going to the top of the building. The object-oriented programming language can normalize this assignment process by giving these blocks structures so that they can build resembling the real-world elements. These objects can always be reused.

Less Coding

For a better understanding of what the Ruby program does, compare a small function of Ruby with another simple function of PHP and you will know the difference. Anything you need to display on the frontend in PHP you need to script “echo” and then put a semicolon at the end of the program however in Ruby all these elements are eliminated. Instead of echo, you need to add “puts” and there is no semicolon required in the code.

Now imagine you write a day-long code in PHP language and compare it with the time required to write the same program in Ruby. It would be time as well as effort-efficient.

If you enter “puts “Hello World” in an HTML doc it would show exactly how it will portray in the web browser. Such is the use of the Rails framework. Ruby is the programming language while Rails provides an effective framework to put this code into the web browser or application.

RoR Controls the Backend Features

The main difference that sets Ruby On Rails apart from the other languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is that all these languages control the front-end features of web apps and websites. However, Ruby controls the back-end aspect of the web apps and browser that allows the user to view information from databases and display the content from HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


RoR is a simple, less coded, and time-consuming programming language that can help you create amazing web apps for your business. But being a programming language, not anyone can use it without expert knowledge and experience. It is, therefore, suggested to hire the right RoR Development Company to get the most of this framework.

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