Can cold sore affect a baby?

Can cold sore affect a baby?

Cold sores are something which is also known as fever blisters and they mostly appear on the lip and around the mouth. When this happens the area becomes red, sore and swollen. In fact, the blisters may also break open and then leak the clear fluid and then scab for a few days. They mostly take 2 weeks on average to heal.

Now the question is why cold sores appear? Well, this is mainly caused from a herpes virus and these virus can cause wither mouth and lip sores or some genital herpes. This when happens, break the skin around or inside the mouth and this can happen by using razors, kissing an infected person or touching some other person’s saliva. Also it often happens in pregnancy because of the hormonal changes in the body. But is cold sore dangerous during pregnancy? Well, according to medical studies they are not really harmful to the baby growing inside because this mainly happens on the skin.

But how one will know that they are suffering from cold sores? Well, the very first symptom that one faces is a sharp pain around the lips and mouth. Sometimes a sore throat, some swollen glands and fever may also happen. When the blisters appear, the cold sores actually break open and then the fluid comes out. To some people, these cold sores can be very painful and then there are also some cases where people get the virus but do not get cold sores. In these cases they become more potential in spreading the infection which gives others cold sores.

One can get their cold sores diagnosed by seeing a doctor. They can find it out and then find the reason of it happening as well by asking their patients a few questions like how they can come in contact with the virus. Medical tests are mostly not needed to diagnose a cold sore.

When it is diagnosed it is treated as well. In most cases, normal cold sores start healing on their own after a week but if it stills keeps causing pain then one should go for some skin ointments or creams. Sometimes oral pills are also taken to treat the pain. If treatment is done then cold sores can heal a few days faster than it takes normally and also they help in easing the pain.

This cold sore is very common when one reaches adulthood. The herpes that mainly cause cold sores cannot be cured and when one gets infected, the virus actually stays in the body for the rest of the life. If one gets cold sores often then treatment is a must need to reduce the severity of it.

If one has a very weak immunity system then they need higher dose of medicines to treat their cold sores.

A cold sore in pregnancy is generally not harmful but if one gets a cold sore after the baby is born then it is a good idea to not to touch the baby with that infected lips or kiss them.

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