When you need to find an image of anything, most probably, you are going to use Google image search. This is the simple funda of the internet right now. You may notice a new block of images showing up in your results going forward.

 The search engine giant Google in its way in bringing new features to its existing products has recently rolled out its "similar items" feature for Google Image Search on mobile Web and Android search app to provide users with shopping details for the items that are shown in a particular image. This means that Google will be turning its image search tool into a Pinterest-like product that will help users to purchase products easily on identifying them from the images.

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                   Google Image Search on Mobile Now Shows

In order to provide this capability, Google has used the machine vision technology and the feature identifies products in lifestyle images and shows matching products on the screen to the user, company told in its official developer blog. The present list of supported items includes sunglasses, handbags, and shoes, Google says that support for other categories will also be added in the next few months.

Google stated that searching price and availability information was one of the high Image Search feature requests from our users. The Similar items carousel gets millions of clicks and impressions per day from all over the world. In order to make the products eligible for this feature, developers need to add and maintain product metadata on their pages. Readers can check the eligibility criteria and get more information about the newly introduced feature on company's blog.

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Google says that it will be expanding support for the similar items feature to more platforms later in this year. The company has been accepting the metadata since December but never actually made an announcement.

Apart from this, it’s not the first attempt made by the company to ease the shopping process on mobile as it added the 'Buy' buttons in the mobile search advertisements back in 2015.

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