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Google maps track you, Now ANYONE Can!

Anonymous User 1490 27-Mar-2017

Google always tries to move forward and enhance the productivity of its existing services, gifting a new experience to the users. In this stream Google recently announced a new feature of Real-time location service to Google Maps. Now, users can select to share their location with their friends and family, and also their progress to the way to a specific destination.


Google said in a blog post that this new feature will soon roll out globally.


There will be an option on the side menu of the app called ‘Share location’, using that users can send their location to contacts. After clicking share location, the user has to select the time interval, i.e. for how long it wants to share the location, then tap the persons whom location is to be shared. Once the location is shared he/she will be able to follow you on the map. The time interval varies between 15 minutes to 3 days.


The best part I like is that the person tracking you need not to have a Google account. The user can just share the link tied to the location using any messenger app like whatsapp, which can be opened in a desktop or mobile web browser.


For example, if you are travelling to a new place, you can share your real-time location and trip progress of the navigation data. While on the navigation screen, tap the “More” button on the bottom, and then tap “Share trip”, so others can track your progress and see your expected arrival time. Sharing ends you arrive at the destination. 

As a reminder, there will be an icon for the app, as long as you are sharing your location with your friend. Both Android and iOS versions of Maps will have the feature, and the person you're sharing with will be able to view your location on Google Maps from their phone or desktop.

A lot of Similar features are available on other apps. Such as, Apple offers a tracking feature called ‘Find My Friends’ on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You also remember Google Latitude (now-defunct) know that this feature excited even before. 

Google informs, an update to Google Maps will be available for both Android and iOS users, though an exact date wasn’t announced. While the feature is useful at times, it could be a bit controversial as well, as it raises privacy concerns. Also in December, Facebook decided to stop showing the exact location of users in its Nearby Friends feature. Instead, the app now gives an overview of where you are, indicating the neighborhood rather than a map. 

Google also announced some other feature updates to its products globally. Its instant messaging app ‘Allo’ now allow Android users to share documents and other files, while Allo users from Brazil are now getting access to the ‘Smart Smiley’ feature in Portuguese language. Meanwhile, the new video calling service Duo now includes with audio-only calling. The feature is available now in Brazil and will be rolled out for the world in the coming days.

Google is also changing up Search option, letting certain organizations post their own content directly into Search results page. Specifically, in the US and Brazil, searches for sports teams, museums, movies and sports leagues may bring up content directly from relevant organizations or people who have registered them. The feature is also available to in Brazilian musicians.

Additionally, Google announced new Google Photos features that make it easier to share photos and videos on low connectivity using YouTube-GO app

Updated 17-Mar-2018
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