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What is KnockoutJs

Manish Kumar 2445 08-Mar-2017

In this article I will explain how to work with KnockoutJs and the basic of KnockoutJs.

 KnockoutJs is a JavaScript library based on MVVM. Model view View Model .It provides 2 way data binding between view and view model using data-bind concept. Means 2 way data exchange ithout refreshing the page .for using knockoutJs library put this inside the Head tag of your page or you can download it from the website <script rc=""></script> inside the head tag for using knockoutJs attributes.           

 MVVM(Model view View Model)

It is a design pattern for developing applications. It is derived from Model view controller. MVVM separates application layer, presentation layer from business logic. Now I explain about what is Model, view and View Model.

Model- Model is the domain data.

View-It is the user interface and it binds to properties of a view model through data-bind which indirectly connect to model data.

View Model-

View Model is the center place where our model data and view logics are kept together. It holds dynamic state of data.

    Layout = null;
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>KnockoutJS Observable Example</title>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
   <!-- This is called "view" of HTML markup that defines the appearance of UI -->
   <p>Enter your name: <input data-bind="value:yourName"/></p>
    <p>Enter your age: <input data-bind="value:yourage"/></p>
   <p>Hi <strong data-bind="text:yourName"></strong></p>
    <p>Your age is <strong data-bind="text: yourage"></strong></p>
   <!-- This is called "viewmodel". This javascript section defines the data and behavior of UI -->
    function AppViewModel() {
        this.yourName = ko.observable("Manish");
        this.yourage = ko.observable("22");
    // Activates knockout.js
    ko.applyBindings(new AppViewModel());


What is KnockoutJs


        this.yourName = ko.observable("");//Reading values

For reading values we use ko.observable property without passing any parameters.


        this.yourName = ko.observable("Mindstick");//Reading values

For writing values we use above code by passing the parameters. 

It is the observable that keeps an eye on yourName variable for any changes with the help of observable it is very easy to communicate with data.

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Updated 17-Mar-2018

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