Javascript framework and library

In this blog, I’m explaining about Javascript framework and library.


Javascript is a programming language that is normally used on the client side. It is easy to learn and pick up. Most Javascripts on websites serve the purpose of encouraging user experience, increase interactivity, functionality as well as web speed. DHTML (Dynamic HyperText Markup Language) is formed with the use of Javascript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). On the other hand AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is Javascript based web development technique that uses data formatted in XML.

Javascript Framework :

 Advanced JavaScript programming (especially the complex handling of browser differences), can often be very difficult and time-consuming to work with.

There are some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks:

  • Angularjs
  • Emberjs
  • Sproutcore
  • Backbonejs
  • Knockoutjs

All of these frameworks have functions for common JavaScript tasks like

animations, DOM manipulation, and Ajax handling.

Javascript Library:

JavaScript Library is going to refer to a collection of JavaScript code. This collection of JavaScript code will contain commonly-used functions, shortcuts and animation effects that allow us to create really nice, interactive interfaces for our web applications.

There are some of the most popular JavaScript library:
  • JQuery
  • Prototype
  • Dojo
  • NodeJs
  • ExtJs

These JavaScript Libraries are also going to be extending the nature of

JavaScript, making it so that you can do things in JavaScript that are not

natively part of the JavaScript language.

Difference between Javascript framework and library: 

 Javascript Framework

1.   A Framework is a collection of APIs designed to make building of applications simpler. Frameworks provide implementations for reusable components. Good frameworks tend to be specialized in their application.

2.    Framework is a collection of APIs to various types of objects that can be used to handle collections. It provides a hierarchy of APIs to various collections.

   3. A Framework is a larger concept - it will normally contain a number of libraries and APIs to perform common tasks.   

   Javascript Library

1.   A library is a collection of code built to perform common tasks. Library code tends to be relatively stable and bug free. Use of appropriate libraries can reduce the amount of code the need to be written.

2.   It will tend to reduce line of code counts for an application will increasing the rate at which functionality is delivered.

3. In most cases, it is better to use a library routine than to write your own code.

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