What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is selling tactic by targeting various means in such a way to increase the sale by attracting new and existing prospects for any specific product by allowing others to attract the audience and earn a commission for recommending the product and selling it. Here, a person can earn money by selling the product without creating products of their own.

In Affiliate Marketing the cost for the product remains the same for the customer, but the product owner has to adjust with low profit for that particular product. Because the product owner has to share his profit to the Affiliate Marketer, as he is responsible for the sale of the product and converted the prospect into a sale or the one who wouldn’t reach on their own for that product.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of advertisement by the company for which the company shares its profit to the promoter or marketer for selling every single product from their E-Commerce portal.

For example, amazon.com is famous e-commerce portal which has thousands of Affiliate Marketer. The whole sale transaction is done at Amazon website which allows complete online transaction process. After, selling of the product, the company transfer the profit percentage for each sold product by the specific marketer as a commission from where the sale originated.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How Affiliate Marketing is carried out?

Many E-Commerce websites, who want to reach a wider range of customer through the Internet may allow or hire an Affiliate Marketing concept. Any interested person who wants to earn extra money and ad good interest in writing can be an Affiliate Marketer. Many E-Commerce or Retail sites allow Affiliate Marketing. Example: Amazon allows Affiliate Marketing, just register on the website to become an Affiliate Marketer and start earning commission by driving traffic towards the website and converting it into a sale.

A good Affiliate Marketer can a great amount of commission but depending over what product you are promoting. Select the category of product for promotion wisely and get aware about the products so that you can promote the product in a very compelling way. You can share the Affiliate link via Blogging, Social Media, YouTube, Emails, or any other form.

An Affiliate Marketer is provided with a unique ID and a URL. They have to share this URL by following different means. And when a user/reader clicks over that link, affiliate software records that click and the resulting product sale in the affiliate account.

The goal of using Affiliate Marketer is to increase the sale and earn the profit. It is only a win-win condition for the E-Commerce and the Affiliate Marketer too. If you are a blogger and can write good and compelling articles about the product can sell the product easily, or you have good writing skill and can associate you affiliate product with your writing as a suggestion for the reader would be an easy catch for the Affiliate Marketer in the form of the prospective buyer.

Example: You want to sell a food processor then you can write a good article about benefits of fruit juices or any other topic and can make a link for the food processor to purchase it to make the juice quickly. As well as, the affiliate marketer can make a video about the product use, share the article on social media or share the link at any other website or article related to that type of product. As well as, you can follow other methods like sharing banners or images to increase the reach of your article and the selling too.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How to get Traffic to the Product/Service you are trying to sell?

It is not an easy task for every individual to sell the affiliate product, as it requires a decent amount of writing skills and promotional skills to sell the product. To sell a product there are a few main areas where one should suppose to focus and get a good amount of targeted traffic.

1. Create Good Quality Content: Your content is the only way the reader can get to be influenced to go through your affiliate link or purchase the product. So, always try to create good content which includes your experiences as well. Try to put in your effort such that the post could engage the reader for a while and would like to read more and learn about the product or service more. In such a case there will a great probability that the reader goes through the link or can purchase it too.

2. Apply Good SEO Techniques: A good SEO technique and driving traffic i.e. Organic Traffic from search engine could be a great source of Quality Traffic. Use Keywords wisely to improve the SEO of your website or blog so that organic traffic generates. Try to make a good amount of Back Links of your website such that ranking can improve and get genuine traffic towards your website.

3. Email Promotion: A good list of Email Subscriber can help you to promote your product directly to the prospect as you can categorize the need of your subscribers. You can mail you affiliate product directly to the genuine customer and it can result in the good sale and help you to earn a great amount of commission.

4. Promote Product you would buy: Always try to promote the product for which you would like to buy or you have your personal experience to share about the particular product. The passionate article and genuine experience can attract a good and real customer who would like to purchase the product. Your passion for the product will automatically get reflected in your writings so try to provide genuine opinion and first use the product then write the article about that.

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