Tips to Enhance Your E-commerce Site Performance

The popularity of an E-commerce site depends on various factors experienced by users. Keeping some of those in mind can build your site a reliable among the customers. This will also grow your business further.

The following are some of the factors that you should follow:

Increase Your Site’s Credibility

It is believed that the E-commerce business is growing at a fast pace, but there are still millions of people who avoid online shopping because of their fear of being cheated or getting low-quality products.

Therefore, as a serious E-commerce business retailer, it is your responsibility to convince and make believe the potential buyers that your site is safe and reliable for online shopping.

For this, you can take the following action-

1.    Always ensure that your E-commerce website is up-to-date and has no broken links, pop-ups, excessive redirection, irrelevant advertisements, etc.

2.    Add the security certification logos to your site.

3.    Display the physical address, contact numbers, official Email id on your site.

4.    Show your Site’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, product replacement/return & money back policy, and

5.    Display the reviews given by customers. It will help shoppers to get an idea about your products and services and take the decisions accordingly. 

Hassle-Free Checkout Page

The checkout page is the last step in an online buying process. It should be simple, easy and user-friendly. If your site’s checkout page is confusing or complicated, shoppers will leave the site without completing their transactions.

So, you should make your site’s checkout page more user-friendly. You should add relevant images, logos, big buttons, color, fonts, payment logos, tables, etc, very carefully.

Design it in such a way that shoppers can get all essential information on the same page and make the informed buying decisions easily. 

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Clutter Free Navigation

When you have a well flourished E-commerce site with lots of variable products, categories, sub-categories, smooth navigation becomes an unavoidable need.

If shoppers are able to easily navigate through your site, they can find their favorite products easily and complete the transactions quickly.

You may apply the specific navigation features on your site based on your needs. But, in general, you should follow some basic rules-

Restrict the top menu to 6-7 choices.

Provide a secondary aviation on your site to let visitors know their exact location while browsing the site. 

Final Words

The main aim of creating E-commerce websites is to do all possible things to increase the sales and provide buyers a hassle-free online shopping experience. These are some good UX tips using which you can easily enhance the performance of your site up to a great extent. 

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