Instagram Marketing 2022: The Dos And Don'ts

Instagram Marketing 2022: The Dos And Don'ts

Today, social media platforms are an integral part of any company's marketing plan since the world is becoming more digital with each passing day. One platform that most marketers see as the ideal advertising channel is Instagram, as it allows brands to become visible to their target audiences quickly. As a company owner, this is something you need to adopt as this will be integral in helping you shape your business as the market leader.

However, you need to find the right balance for your Instagram marketing endeavors to be fruitful. And to ensure you realize this objective, here are some of the dos and don'ts to observe during Instagram marketing.

1. Do Know Your Audience

Before you even start researching the best site to buy Instagram followers, make sure first to know your audience to guarantee the success of your Instagram marketing campaign. This is why you must take the time to understand their values and who they’re exactly. While this may seem like an obvious thing to do, many businesses take a too-broad approach to their marketing and alienate their best customers.

Fortunately, some questions can help you better avoid making such a mistake, and these include:

  • Does your target audience enjoy watching videos, looking at pictures, or reading?; and
  • What content or topics capture your target audience's interest?

With the answers to these questions, you'll be able to better engage with your target audience. Therefore, you can get the most out of your Instagram account by reaching people who'll be interested in your products or services. This helps ensure your brand does get the much-needed exposure to the right individuals.

2. Don't Spam Your Followers

When you're getting started with Instagram marketing, it can be tempting to start spamming your followers with posts about your products. After all, you want to get your name out there so that people can learn about what you do. Nonetheless, you need to know how to do this right, or else your marketing efforts could end up backfiring on you. As a result, it ends up doing more harm than good.

With this in mind, you need to be extra careful not to post content on your Instagram page without carefully examining whether it adds value to your target audience. Otherwise, it might be viewed as spam, and your followers might be inclined to unfollow you and stay away from your brand.

3. Do Regularly Post Unique And Engaging Content

To better boost your brand's awareness ratings and engage with your target audience, make a point of posting unique and engaging content regularly. Ideally, you need to have a schedule that guides you when posting this content. And to know what's the best time to post content, you need to assess your geographic location and industry.

Regularly posting content is essential because Instagram's algorithm will boost your chances of appearing to your target audience. But don't just post any content. Instead, take your time to do research on your target market and pay attention to what type of photos they'd like to see. It's only by doing this that you'll be in a position to best capture and hold their interest once they’re engaged with your post.

4. Don't Misuse Emojis

The use of emojis is quite a popular way to share your emotion and establish a better connection with your target audience. Nevertheless, you shouldn't go overdrive with this and start to use emojis without first considering whether it's relevant. This is especially vital since some emojis among the younger users have a double meaning. Because of this, it's prudent you first find out what they mean before you can start to use them.

5. Do Respond To Mentions, Comments, And Inquiries

Nobody loves being ignored, and more so a customer, as this will make them stay away from your brand altogether. You don't want this for your business, and this is why you must always respond to any inquiry, mention, or comment by your followers. Thus, you must create time to reply to your audience as this will make them feel valued and subsequently more endeared to your brand.

When responding to messages, comments, or inquiries, it's best to state their person by name. Although doing this might not look like a big deal, it does help establish a greater connection with your target audience as they'll feel recognized by you.

Instagram Marketing 2022: The Dos And Don

6. Don't Use Too Many Hashtags

Using hashtags is an effective Instagram marketing strategy that allows you to reach persons who aren't following you. Hence, this doesn't mean you should go on and incorporate as many hashtags as possible into your posts, so they get seen by more people. Doing this ends up having the opposite effect of negatively affecting your Instagram marketing outreach and efforts. Instead, you only should incorporate the appropriate hashtags on all your posts.

7. Do Remain Professional

You must always remain professional on your Instagram pages. The first way you can do this is by separating your personal and business pages. Doing this is advised as it helps you maintain consistency in the type of content you post on your profile. After all, your clients don't want to be spammed with your personal pictures of you or your family and friends.

In addition, you must only post pictures that give your business a positive image. This means staying clear of pictures such as those of you or your employees drinking or partying. This can make the business seem like a place where the priorities aren't professionalism or quality work. Instead, post pictures of things like team outings or special events relevant to the industry.

While maintaining professionalism across all your posts, don't forget to be fun. After all, you don't want to bore your target audience with unappealing content, as this will only drive them away from your brand.


It's no doubt that Instagram can be an effective tool for connecting with your target audiences and promoting brand awareness consistently. Yet there are several dos and don'ts you need to observe if your social media marketing campaign is going to be a success. If you didn't know what needs to be done, this guide has outlined everything you need to do to ensure your Instagram marketing campaign in 2022 indeed does succeed.

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