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5 Best Instagram Ways to Growth- Hack Your Instagram Brand in 2022

5 Best Instagram Ways to Growth- Hack Your Instagram Brand in 2022

Pedro Araez 757 30-Mar-2022

Creating a brand identity in a traditional market makes it easier to suffice the demands of clients in assistance to fewer resources. But once the virtual world enters the picture it becomes one’s responsibility to give people what they want and more all at once. Nowadays the world has gone digital, and if you wish to be just a click away from your clientele, social media platforms are your playground.

Why Instagram?

With roughly one billion Instagram active users today, this social media platform is the new mouth of word marketing. Establishing your brand identity will help you not only reach your target audience but also be in the visible range of people who can get you success in your venture.

The assisted analytical tools paired up with an impressive content-filled feed and a customized profile can assist you in bringing your brand in limelight. Instagram provides easier accessibility over marketing and control over the brand’s algorithm helping people reach you from all corners of the world.

But the question is how to be a successful brand today as a virtual user? Do you wish to learn the ultimate exercise of being in glory on social media? If the answer is affirmative, then tune into the article and upgrade your Instagram brand profile with just a few growth hacks.

1. Using creative and quirky captions alongside influential hashtags

It's the era of 2022, now called the tech decade, where what you say is what becomes your personality on the gram. So in order to build a brand, you need to write peculiar content captions that spotlight your posts making them charm the spectator’s eyes.

It can range from 90s sarcastic icon Lorelai Gilmore (a character from Gilmore girls), funny quotes like ‘You cant watch Willy Wonka without a lot of junk food’ to sell your food brand, or can be some funny pun to make your reader giggle while going through your feed. The target of all this is to form a connection with the audience and your brand.

Scroll through ‘Netflix’s strong black lead’ (reviews of the black community on Netflix shows) or ‘chipotle‘s’ (restaurant and catering service) or ‘every mom's’ profiles and you will know how they attract spectators through quirky yet informatively crisp captions.

Along with Instagram captions, it becomes important that you use the right hashtags. When any of your followers use your brand, they can mention you in the hashtag thereby helping in creating the brand’s community.

Furthermore, with hashtags, you can reach a new audience. However, remember to not overuse hashtags, you can add two to three new hashtags each time you post in a week and then repeat them over time.

2. Using assisted paid advertising on Instagram

5 Best Instagram Ways to Growth- Hack Your Instagram Brand in 2022

Initially, you will decide not to invest in something like an Instagram paid advertising scheme. But once you do such a thing you will be able to control your brand’s algorithm and also draw the attention of your target audience. It benefits in revenue generation and will also make your brand reach out to the demography that is unsensitized to your brand.

In fact, according to emarketer, it has been observed that the Instagram ad revenue in 2021 was over 26 billion. Thus using paid advertising makes it sure and fruitful to build your brand steadily. Precisely you can access some great features such as bundle or carousel posts and ads on Instagram stories.

Investing in such a scheme can help you take control over targeted marketing goals which can later convert into sales leads. To expand your reach you can simultaneously promote your Instagram ads on Facebook.

You can also buy followers who are active at a minimum desired rate for a rather customized algorithm and ravishing profile. This can also help you get verified on Instagram making you reach more demographic variance in the form of clientele.

3. Tweets as Instagram posts

Many brands now use their Twitter account tweets to interact with their audience on Instagram. An ever-growing fondness for relatable yet crispy tweets reaching millions helps not only in making your profile feed-oriented but also aids in connecting with the Instagram Gen-Z audience, in particular.

It can help you start a conversation and makes it simple and quick to start any campaign or drives associated with the brand.

While upscaling a brand it becomes important that one must have a brand community, a trusted space, and reshare tweets related to the brand on Instagram. Brands like ‘honey book’ and ‘the broke black girl’ have created such a community by their tweeting activity. This is partly the reason their audience can connect to their purpose and create such fandom.

4. Create an Instagram influencers base and giveaways

Influencers in today’s time are no less than celebs. Furthermore, they are titled trendsetters. Even better, when it comes to influencer marketing, you can find influencers associated with any and everything.

So are you thinking of investing a huge chunk in a marketing and PR team together? Let me give you a better hand, the answer is to approach influencers. With their fan base and creativity integrated, a brand can flourish without even the advertising boards at the nook and corners. Reminder - Don't forget to mention the influencers in your post and stories.

‘Vans’ and ‘Vogue’ are often seen using influencers to promote their brand. Such a collaboration post helps them in increasing their insights and reach to a rather larger number of profiles.

Along with influencer collaboration, you can start a giveaway trend too once in a while, wherein people can compete online to win the giveaways or vouchers helping to base your brand on permanent clientele. ‘My Sunday 2 Sunday’ offers great giveaway deals that hook their audience to their profile in search of giveaways.

5. Make video content your knight in the shining armor

5 Best Instagram Ways to Growth- Hack Your Instagram Brand in 2022

Video content is the weapon to flourish your brand on Instagram. Whether it is a 60 seconds reel or an IGTV vlog, it helps you establish an interpersonal relationship with your community. Furthermore, stating the work that your brand does aids in establishing a trustworthy relationship with the brand and the client.

Since July 2020, Instagram reels have been a greater source of brand value for established and/or new brands. Just a 60 second or 30-second reel video on why you should use your brand with trending sounds and impeccable creativity can help you make your brand a success. Making reels and gathering reel ideas is a play to your creativity and wide imagination.

Impeccable use of reel content has been observed on the ‘apartment therapy’ Instagram platform wherein they use videos shared by their user community and then showcase it with pleasant music.

Customizing Your Profile and Analyzing the Growth

Apart from the ways that have been mentioned above, a brand must also increase its value through a prosperous profile presentation and use analytical tools to catch on statistics for reviewing the growth of the brand.

  • A strong bio with crisp and to the point information about the brand, with a link to your website, if any, can make people attentive to your brand. ‘Anima iris’ is one such example of a brand that uses strong bios.
  • An informative feed paired up with trending memes can be a way to tell people how trendy your brand is. Feeds of brands like ‘Califia farms’ and ‘designer essentials’ will keep you fixated on their feed through their varied posts and stories
  • Posting stories with polls can help you connect with people and is a great way of letting them know that you hear them. You can also make highlights with a custom base so that a new visitor on your profile can know your brand better.
  • Making your brand visible is less about competition from others and more about telling the world why you are different by not mere words but by your interesting profile. Think from the perspective of the clients and you will be halfway there to make your brand the spotlight.


Use these hacks for a better and more remarkable flourishment of your brand. Your brand’s Instagram profile is the book that the clients are ready to read but how you can make it more interesting and reachable, depends on you.

Updated 31-Mar-2022

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