Instant Marketing with Instagram

 Social media marketing is at a speedy pace and it promises to be on frequent pace forever. The primary reason why Social media marketing has become a mainstream way of marketing is the immense number of users available of social media platforms.

There are billions of people who spend hours on social media and performs different types of activities such as connecting with people through messages and other sources, posting what they are up to in the form of pictures, videos, by going live and of course by written text posts.  

A place a platform where there is a gathering of billions of people it is very obvious that it will be considered as the one of foremost place for marketing. We come across so many ads available in your news feed section while using social networks that are one of the best examples of social media marketing.

From top brands to small startups the first choice for promoting a product, a service, an event it is social media marketing.

No doubt each and every social media platforms offer a great standard for marketing. However, in a recent report and analysis, it was stated that Instagram was found as a fastest social media platform for marketing.

Marketing on Instagram

As I mentioned in earlier lines that recently a report stated that Instagram is one of the fastest and more engaging ways for marketing and it seems really true.

Instagram which is now owned by Facebook offers a limited set of feature but they are quite efficient and attractive to grab user’s attention and with every update, it’s getting better and advance.

Instant Marketing with Instagram

By going through some stats I found that Instagram has around 8 million registered business accounts or you can say business pages. More than 60% of the Instagram users are 18 to 20 years of age. This ratio is the reason that most of the business who want to target youngsters all around the world target Instagram for marketing.

Basic tips Instagram marketing

So, if you haven’t made an Instagram business page I can make to make you count so many reasons why you should instantly start doing Instagram marketing instantly.

Instant Marketing with Instagram

Free Instagram tools

Instagram has recently started to opt out business profiles which are similar to Facebook’s business profiles which allow a user to contact, email or text a particular business.

Apart from contact, a business profile can even see insights into which they can easily the impression and engagement of a particular content or campaign been run on Instagram.

You can easily convert your personal profile into a business profile within few minutes. By looking over insights you easily rationalize people taste and preference.

Instant Marketing with Instagram

Cross promote your Instagram posts

Well, if you are new on Instagram and you want to increase your followers or people who are already following your business on any else social media you can easily do cross promotion.

By cross-promoting, you can simply appeal to people by posting your business profile link. So people who are already following your other social media can instantly get to know about your Instagram can add up to you.

Creative way of marketing

Instagram offers so many features such as the boomerang, Instastory, and 59 Sec video through which you can easily offer your followers short and attention-grabbing content.

Instant Marketing with Instagram

Social media is filled with stuff in which some are relevant and some are useless. So it’s very clear that for gaining users attention you need to be very fresh and real with your content which appeals a user to get engaged in it and by a short pattern of posting on Instagram it could be easier to expose you things to a large number of folks.

Use creative hashtags

Try creating engaging, interactive hashtags and hashtags which are trending on Instagram. Whenever you use a creative hashtag which is also trending on this platform the possibility of reaching your post to numerous people hikes up.

Whenever any of the users use a hashtag which is been created by you and your business profile gets full exposure of their followers to your company and products.

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