How to Power Up Your PC for Optimal Performance?

How to Power Up Your PC for Optimal Performance?

Even though laptops have topped the technological tier over time, they have not been able to devalue personal computers or PCs, which still hold a special place for people. Especially the gaming community prefers to stick to their trustworthy PCs because they can add several cool peripherals to the basic system.

How to Enhance the Speed of Your Computer?

A PC is a machine first, and machinery becomes laggy and slow with continuous usage. How can you speed up your system and make it run smoothly? Check out the following tips, which will guide you in this endeavor.

De-Clutter the Junk

If you never clean up your room and let the junk pile up, until there is so little space left to move around, and every task that you need to do is slowed down, right? Now, implement the same idea to your PC. Admittedly, there will be unwanted files and useless programs on your desktop that you once installed and then forgot about. In addition to those, there will be duplicate files and temporary data lying around and weighing down your PC’s hard disk. It is time to de-clutter those. Conduct a thorough cleanup of your entire system, keeping only the most-used, top priority files, and programs. Clear away the junk to free up space. More space would allow your system to breathe freely and work smoothly.

Check for Digital Contaminators

When the season comes and you catch the flu, how do you feel? Incredibly slow and sleepy, right? Well, the same is the case with your PC. If it had been running fast beforehand, and now, all of a sudden, it has become glitchy, then the reason probably lies with digital contamination, by which I mean viruses and malware. Using an antivirus software, scan your computer from top to bottom and catch the culprits behind its slow performance. After the cleanse, reinforce your PC's security shield with the latest antivirus program, purchased online over your trustworthy Spectrum internet connection, and make sure to update it regularly.

Go for Defragmentation

Examine a poorly managed parking lot for a minute. You would find cars parked in an amateur manner, i.e. with lots of uneven spaces between them. You’ll find one car occupying the space of three. This inefficiency leaves many drivers hanging, waiting for a spot, frustrated, thus slowing the whole system down. Similar is the case with an affected PC. What happens is that when the information is written/read, it is stored in a scattered way on the hard drive, with lots of free space between two memory blocks. This excessive fragmentation leads to over-brimming of the drive with data and the eventual slowing down of the PC. How to prevent this? By defragmenting the hard drive, thusly, removing the free space between information packets. Compactness will speed up the PC and let it function efficiently.

Disable Startup Programs

What crucial piece of advice do experts give to smartphone users who wish to speed up their devices? Kill the background apps! Yes, all those applications, which keep on running in the background passively, use up power, bandwidth, and battery, and should be force-closed. Now, apply this advice to a PC. The programs and files that are not in current use sit on the startup menu, taking up space and producing a high-level impact on CPU’s performance. This naturally slows down your PC. So, what is the way out of it? Disabling those programs thereby, boosting your system’s speed.

Update Regularly

Avoid going on those bi-annual dentist visits for several years and see how adversely your teeth will get affected, if there is no one to check those sneaky cavities and clean up the goop that is built up between your teeth. In the same sense, if you do not install regular updates in your PC, your OS will not be able to function smoothly. Updates resolve many bugs, introduce new changes, and treat previous system vulnerabilities. So, always update your PC and see how fast it will run.

Thus, by implementing the aforementioned remedies, your PC is sure to perform optimally.

Last updated:9/25/2020 2:35:05 PM
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