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What is Scrum In Agile Methodology?

What is Scrum In Agile Methodology?

Nick Karlsson 1222 31-Dec-2019

Scrum is implemented in an agile methodology to effectively manage product development. Agile software development and scrum are often perceived as a methodology but rather it is a method of managing the framework. Scrum is dependent on the self-organizing and cross-functional teams. The issues are solved by the entire team which is faced by them during sprint planning. Every person is working towards one goal to fulfill the project on time with quality output.

In an agile scrum sprint, the scrum teams take a set of features and code and test them to check they work properly. In the end, these features will be integrated into the product or system.

Every day, the entire team attends sprint meetings managed by the scrum master and it is time boxed to be not more than 15 minutes. This scrum meeting helps in prioritizing the work and check the progress status of the project. The scrum model helps in synchronizing the work and team members to be more effective and resourceful.

A sprint review helps in reviewing the work done by adding the new functionality in the project which has been communicated to the PO or any other stakeholder. The feedback starts right after completion of one sprint to take the feedback as it impacts the next sprint.

The scrum meeting is an opportunity to reflect that sprint has ended and to identify the opportunities for improvement in the project.

What are the main artifacts of the scrum meeting?

The primary artifact is the product under development. The main aim of using scrum in an agile method is to create a product or system to a shippable state. The product backlog is another artifact of the scrum which has the list of priorities the backlog to make sure the team has the most valuable first. The best method is to populate product backlog with user stories from the end-user and customer perspective.

The team also creates a sprint backlog which acts as a to-do list for the sprint. The sprint backlog has the list of tasks that the team needs to perform to deliver the functionality as committed in a sprint planned. It also has a sprint burndown chart and releases a burndown chart. The sprint burndown chart that showcases the amount of work that is remaining in a sprint or in a release. The release burndown chart helps in releasing the product at the planned time.


Scrum helps in providing more speed and quality in the agile methodology. Scrum master, product owner plays a vital role in managing and maintaining sprint.

Updated 31-Dec-2019
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