It’s a really genuine question as it’s asked by many that how can one revive gains from a blog which has been posted a few months ago and is not able to bring enough traffic.

Things to focus on for reviving gains from outdated blogs

It is one of the most common issues by business enterprise and bloggers all across the world. As there are topics which are always in the mind of people so they used to come in searches.  

For example, net neutrality is a topic which will we be always trending as whenever there will be a discussion on this topic the content available on Internet will always be searched.

However, a blog covered in a cricket match which was held a year has fewer chances to be searched on the Internet as compared to your blog on net neutrality.

Similar to this there are so many examples of outdated blogs which are unable to generate traffic. But don’t worry as there is a solution to each and every problem this query has a cure too. All you have to do is follow these steps which will help you reviving gains from your outdated blogs.

Classify your content

It’s the initial step in the process as you have to prepare a list of a post which is not bringing traffic to your business. Make three categories 1, 2 and 3 put outdated news content which is still relevant in first.

Put current blog content which is not bringing traffic to your business in 2nd and put content which is not relevant today in the third category.

So the content in the 3rd category is not relevant and is not able to generate traffic you will have to ignore it and discard them in the process of reviving.

User engagement

Content in class one and 2 have a valuable half to play in your SEO strategy. Google loves websites that have higher engagement levels. Create it a degree to oftentimes link to relevant however noncurrent content from the first category from your new journal posts.

Things to focus on for reviving gains from outdated blogs

New visitors which are reading courant the most recent tax reforms, for example, could also be interested to click and link which is a connected story from the past. It will definitely raise your website engagement and contributes to a higher ranking.

Refocus on SEO

Content in class 2 could have best with a bit of your focus on SEO. Google algorithms have evolved quite a bit over the past few years and long-form content ranks higher than short articles that area unit underneath five hundred words long. 

You will explore change your articles with a lot of information and that includes it from your journal homepage once more. This helps the updated content to be crawled by computer program bots, and you will start seeing a change a lot of traffic from these pages all over again.

Social Media

A chunk of content in category 3 is probably going to be list-based articles that area unit targeted at your social media social media users. It’s a decent plan to revive these pages by sharing them on your social media channels all over again.

Things to focus on for reviving gains from outdated blogs

You will conjointly explore language up with a social media management tool like HootSuite to alter this method of sharing your recent content once in an exceedingly whereas together with your followers.


Marketers place plenty of effort into researching and business enterprise articles, and it's a shame to not create the most effective use of such valuable content. You will explore repurposing such well-researched content into new material for your journal or social media channels.

For example, you will flip a statistics piece on your journal into an associate infographic that may work well on Facebook. Similarly, you may explore flip a "how to" piece into a video that may be promoted on YouTube.

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