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Google Chrome Gets 'Scroll Anchoring' on Mobile to Reduce Page Jumps

        Google Chrome Gets

One very old problem with Google Chrome on mobile is the page jump that occurs isolate while loading pages. While loading articles on Chrome, a half-loaded page allows you to read the content, but takes some time to load images and more content, depending on internet connectivity. When the browsing finishes, it disobeys your read scroll, and scrolls back to the top of the page without giving any warning message, barring your article-reading experience and concentration on your smartphone. Google has tried to address this paining situation, and moving from now onwards, Chrome will load your articles more seamlessly than before enhancing your experience in reading.

To work upon this issue, Google has now introduced a new feature that is called scroll anchoring which specifically ‘locks the content page you're currently looking at to the screen, keeping you on the same spot so you can keep reading’ while your page loads fully in the background from your internet. This feature will show its effect with the latest Chrome update, and Google now claims that it has managed to prevent ‘an average of almost three jumps per page view. 

Obviously, all websites do not work on the same paradigm, and have distinguished codes and designs, so scroll anchoring is a work in progress.

Google stated in its official blog, like other features that are designed to protect our users from bad experiences, Chrome tried to block these unexpected page jumps with a new feature called scroll anchoring. This feature works by locking the scroll position on an on-screen element to keep our users in the same spot even as off-screen content continues to load. 

A brief of new feature:

  • Google tries to reduce page jumps with the new feature.

  • This new feature is called scroll anchoring.

  • It locks the page to your scroll while it loads in the background.


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Last updated:9/7/2019 12:16:41 AM


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