After launching Windows 10 for PC, Microsoft is going to launch Windows 10 for its windows mobile phones also. Windows 10 Mobile is mobile operating system which is going to be a successor to Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft aims at unifying all its various platforms into one converged operating system. The aim of Windows 10 Mobile is to provide consistency with its counterpart for PCs, a universal application platform which will allow one app to run on multiple Windows 10 devices such as PCs, mobile devices and Xbox, along with the capability to support hardware, connect various devices and a PC-like interface with mouse and keyboard input support. Along with all these, Microsoft has made it easy for developers to easily port some Android and iOS apps with minimal modification using some tools.

User who are presently using Windows Phone 8.1 will be eligible for upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile depending on their manufacturer and carrier support. Thus some features may differ depending on hardware compatibility.

Now let’s talk about the specifications of the Windows 10 Mobile Phones:

It is designed for use on smartphones and small tablets under eight inches screen size.

Processor Architecture: ARMv8, ARMv7, IA-32.

Kernel Type: Hybrid (Windows NT)


Now if we talk about the features of Windows 10 Mobile, the most important thing would be its compatibility and functionality between different classes of devices, particularly devices running on PC-oriented version of Windows 10 and smartphones. It inculcate Universal Windows Platform concept which means that Windows runtime apps for Windows 10 on PC can be easily ported to other platforms in the Windows 10 family. So sit back and wait with your windows phone for the new update or buy a new Windows Lumia 950 or 950 XL Windows 10 Mobile phones from the store this November, 2015.  

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