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  • Big Data technologies are being used by almost every industry and its adoption is increasing day by day. This article is to discuss the effect of Big Data on the real estate sector or to discuss how Big Data is affecting the real estate....

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  • With the warn adoption of Hadoop platform, it is expected that more than 50 percent of data will be processed by big data platform by the end of the year 2020. So, demand for Hadoop professionals is actually very high, you can think of....

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  • Ethical Concerns for AI and Big Data

    AI and Big Data have both been boons to the corporations that use them. They make it simpler for data analysts to understand the interests of the demographics being addressed...

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  • How Big Can Big Data Get?

    At the most significant point of its history, the Ancient Library of Alexandria may have held 500,000 papyrus scrolls, thereby making it a collection of information on par with the data that makes up today's "visible web."...

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  • Is There A Privacy Threat for Big Data?

    I was talking to a programmer friend the other day. He helps develop actuarial algorithms for insurance companies. He is constantly pointing out that his algorithms are beneficial to insurance companies and beneficiaries alike....

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  • An important frustration of content creators is the difficulty in protecting your copyright. Even this article is likely to appear on other websites apart from LinkedIn, without my permission and without me being able to do anything about it. ...

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  • Power of Data Warehouses

    Currently, small and medium-sized businesses have started embracing the utilization of Big Data. Data warehouses have given organizations a window into their historical performance and data analysis so as to get more information about customer behavior and business trends on quarterly and annual analysis. ...

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  • Why Blockchains Will Be seen Everywhere soon

    The business world runs on trust, but trust is hard to come by. A staggering amount of time and money is spent searching, validating, verifying, checking, auditing, certifying, and worrying — trust is an expensive proposition....

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  • Mobile payments are on the rise. Both Samsung and Apple have introduced their own payment systems already in recent times and many new startups are entering the market as well, with of course Square being on top of the list....

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  • Real-time stream processing: Are we doing it wrong?

    Data has been growing exponentially. We have more data streaming through the wire than we can keep them on disk from both value and volume perspective. These data are being created by everything we deal with on daily basis. ...

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