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Why learn Hadoop & big data technology in 2019?

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There is a huge amount of data floating around the web and this is why big data analytics is considered important in improving the decision-making process and providing the biggest edge over competitors. For professionals, who are skilled in Hadoop and big data, there is an ocean of opportunities out there.

Reasons to learn Hadoop and Big Data technology in 2019

Here are the most convincing reasons why big data Hadoop is considered one of the hottest skills in 2019.

  • Huge Demand for Hadoop Big Data Professionals

Data is useless if you don’t know how to analyze it. There are more job options in the big data field as compared to the last year and many IT professionals are prepared to invest money and time for the training. It is clear that the trend for implementing big data analytics is zooming and it is considered the top priority in US businesses.

  • Huge Skill gap when compared to existing professionals

The demand for big data professionals is increasing steadily and there is a huge deficit at the supply side. This is the same case in the whole world not restricted to a particular geographical area. Base on a study, there is a shortage of 190,000 data scientists, 1.5 million managers or data analysts that are needed to implement big data technology in 2019.

The scarcity of data analytics professionals is extremely acute and demand for professionals is expected to be at the higher side as more and more global organizations are outsourcing their projects.

  • High Salary Bucks

Skilled big data professionals are getting fat salary packages, especially in the USA and Australia. Based on a study, the annual salary hikes are 50 percent higher when compared to other IT professionals. There is seen positive and exponential growth in salaries and the same is true for the year 2019 too. 

  • Taken as a Priority for Organizations

According to peer research big analytics survey, Hadoop is taken as the priority by a lot of organizations as it improves the overall performance of businesses. It is assumed that more than 65 percent of total organizations will start using big data analytics in some form based on their business needs. The final outcomes have increased the belief of organizations towards Hadoop and big data technology.

  • Increase in Adoption

Whenever you are implementing new technology, the biggest challenge faced by businesses is adoption. During the last few years, there is seen a steady increase in the adoption of big data technology and organizations are even getting benefits too with the right implementation and strategy.

  • Supports the Decision-making

The biggest advantage of Hadoop and big data technology is how it helps in deriving meaningful insights for organizations. When data is huge, more than 90 percent of organizations believe that big data analytics is a key factor that supports decision-making and helps in superior key strategic initiatives. In this way, big data analytics majorly helps in deriving business strategy and making effective business decisions.

  • Big data technology is used everywhere

Due to its awesome features and benefits, big data technology is used almost everywhere like healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, energy, consumer, technology, or banking sectors etc. the biggest advantage of big data technology implementation is witnessed by the banking sector, still its presence can be felt everywhere and it equally supports other domains too.

  • Market forecast is accurate

The big data analytics has crossed revenue of $125 million by 2018. It can combine the power of machine learning or Artificial intelligence together to provide more holistic and integrated security threats prediction. It can also be combined with cloud technologies to maximize the benefits up to 15 percent in the near future. It is expected that big data analytics will increase its influence up to three times by 2020.

  • Unstructured Data handling

There is a huge growth in unstructured or semi-structured business data with the increased usage of the internet. So, this is necessary to analyze unstructured data sources too including blogs, email, photos, and videos etc. It is possible to be managed well through big data technologies where meaningful decisions are taken through unstructured or semi-structured data.

  • Wide choices in Job Titles

Form the career point of view, there are so many options available in terms of the domain as well as the nature of the job. Today, analytics is used in varied fields, and there are plenty of titles to choose from as given below.

  • Big data managers
  • Big data consultants
  • Big data solution architect
  • Analytics Specialists
  • Analytics Associate
  • Big Data Engineer

A huge array of organizations is utilizing big data analytics and Hadoop technology for their business needs and huge job opportunities are also available with them so it's important to have Big Data Hadoop Training & Certification.

The Scope of Big data and Hadoop Technology in 2019

As technology becomes more complex and integrated with other technologies, there is a quick need for niche experts who understand their role and responsibilities in depth. Also, if you have the basic knowledge of AI, machine learning, or business intelligence then you can grow more in your career. this field if IT has just exploded and major expansion is yet to happen.

If you are looking for a career option in Hadoop and big data technology in 2019 then it is a worth rewarding choice. It is just the right time to pull up your socks and get started with big data training because leading Companies are in search of aspirants like you.

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