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Huge job options are the reason why big data is the best career move in 2018 across different indust

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Huge job options are the reason why big data is the best career move in 2018 across different industry verticals. The big data experts with a specific set of skills and knowledge are difficult to find. That is why Companies are paying a very good amount to skilled big data experts. They are able to grab their dream job quickly as compared to other IT professionals and taking salaries in minimum six figures or more.

Most of the Companies need professionals with the right skills, experience, practical expertise, advanced degree, or special training or certification program. Here, we will discuss a variety of big data roles and how much salaries they are taking across different industry verticals. Before we dive deep into the topic, let us have a quick look at the adoption rate of big data analytics across different business sectors till 2018 and it is expected to grow twice or thrice during the next few years.
In the next section, we will discuss the salaries of big data professionals for a variety of roles and percentage in salary hikes from the last year.

1.    Data Analyst

Data analysts are working with voluminous data, analyzing it, and converting data into meaningful insights to improve the overall decision-making process. They can work with different industry segments like healthcare, consumer, energy sector, manufacturing industries and more. They are working with an objective to analyze larger data sets quickly so that it may be scaled later in the future whenever needed.

2.    Database Administrator

These big data professionals are responsible to monitor and optimize the database performance and avoid damaging effects caused due to continuous access. These IT professionals give a guarantee of data security and proper work experience is an added advantage in managing databases and its security.

3.    Data Scientists

This is a most popular big data role getting the highest increase of all data science jobs and taking attractive salary packages too. The role and responsibilities for data scientist role may differ from industry to industry. The main objective of a data scientist is to design new processes, data mining, data production, data modeling etc. Additionally, he is also responsible for product experimentation, designing prototypes, algorithms, predictive analysis, custom analysis etc.

The past work experience is obviously important and usually required for getting hired by different Companies. He should have the hands-on expertise in different data mining techniques like regression testing, clustering, or custom analysis etc.

4.    BI Analysts

The business analysts are transforming Company data into information that can be further used for making informed decisions and responsible to find the best data patterns and trends. BI analyst should have good expertise in data analytics tools, reporting tools, or other AI techniques. The past work experience and special training or certification programs are also considered when deciding on the salary range for big data professionals.

5.    Data Architects

These professionals are tasked with design, structure, data maintenance, organized databases, develop strategies to manage data, data modeling, data communication plans, and resolving complex business issues too. This is a most common big data role offered by the industries and need to be taken care of wisely. No doubt, data architects are getting attractive salary packages still the relevant experience or hands-on expertise on different big data tools or techniques means a lot.

6.    Big data Engineers

These big data professionals are taking the highest salaries across all big data roles and taken an integral part of an organization. They are responsible for making smart business decisions, retrieve data, data interpretation, data analysis, data reporting, etc. They generally process the big data and other engineers or users need to work on the processed data. The role and responsibilities don’t end here but it may vary based on Company needs and requirements. We have given just an idea in brief to help you.

Wrapping Up:

Till the time, we have discussed on major big data roles and other may be data modeler, data designer, database manager or data warehouse manager. All of them are getting huge salary lumps and a number of job options are just the numerous for the right candidate across different industry sectors in 2018. A right training, big data certification, and past experience will help you in getting your dream job quickly. We wish you luck for a bright future with big data insights and immense job opportunities.

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