JDK 1.0: Code Name Oak

So far, in previous posts, we have discussed the features of Java referring to its very first version, JDK 1.0. Over time, Java has grown and expanded a lot and has had many new features added to its repertoire.

Features of Java: Platform Independent and Multi-threaded

A major benefit that is derived out of the introduction of a JVM is the resulting platform independence for a Java executable.

Java  API(s) 

Features of Java: Dynamic, Complied and Interpreted

n my previous post, we have seen how java is so flexible and simple, while very small and yet equipped with powerful features like Object Oriented principles (OOPS). Now in this post we examine one of the important features of java i.e. how java is compiled and interpreted.

Java  API(s) 

The Android API

Android is a fairly complex system, but we do not need to understand it in depth to be able to make amazing apps.


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