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Behind the WhatsApp ?

As we know "WhatsApp" is a very popular messaging app, which is a mobile app. WhatsApp is the most popular application used for message and chatting all over the world....

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SOLID principles in software development area

Whereas the SOLID principles are as design principles that enable us to manage with most of the software design problems. Sir Robert C. Martin compiled these principles in the 1990s. Those principles provide us ways to move from tightly coupled code...

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Globalization and Localization in .Net

The Culture-Info Class, Provides the information about a specific culture. That information includes the names for the culture, the writing system, the calendar used, and formatting for dates and sort strings....

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C# - Delegates

A delegate in C# is similar to a function pointer in C or C . Using a delegate allows the programmer to encapsulate a reference to a method inside a delegate object....

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OOP is basically a programming style that involves the concept of objects and class.We can also say that OOP is an approach to a problem involving objects....

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Oop's Concepts

What is Oop's ? Uses and importance of Oop's . and why Oop's are getting a easy functionality in the applications for Developers ?....

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Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming uses different set of programming language as compared to older procedural programming language(like Pascal, C, etc)....

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Inheritance in C#

Inheritance means parent class property access child class like methods, members etc, and also reused code....

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Interface in C#

Interfaces define properties, methods, and events, which are the members of the interface. Interfaces contain only the declaration of the members. It is the responsibility of the deriving class to define the members....

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Abstract class in C#

A Method without any method body is known as an abstract, what the method contain only declaration without any implementation & should be declare by only the ‘abstract modifier’....

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Method overriding in C#

Method overriding is a feature that allows you to invoke functions (that have same signatures) that belong to different classes in the same hierarchy of inheritance using the base class reference....

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Method Overloading in C#

Method overloading is a feature which allows a class to have two or more methods having same name but different signature means (multiple behavior but different signature)....

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In my last post, i explained about role of object in oops language. Now, we more elaborate it with some e.g.I explain it through a e.g. of car.In car,...

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Introduction to inheritance

Inheritance is the ability to create a class from another class, the "parent" class, extending the functionality and state of the parent in the derived, or "child" class....

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