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Just like humans need to eat food and get energy, the electrical appliances at your homes or offices need power to work. And it’s extension cords that supply them with the power. But, not all extension power cords are the same. If you choose the wrong power cord, it can lead to mishaps. So, here are some safety measures or factors that help you to select the appropriate extension cord. Just read and buy the safest one. Safeguard yourself and your appliances using the right cord.

One of the major reasons for occurrence of electrical accidents and mishaps is our wrong belief about nema ratings. We believe that Nema ratings just apply to nema power cords. But, they are even applicable for the electrical enclosures. So, just go through this information and know about the Nema ratings applicable for electrical boxes and save your lives.


Were you watching for your favorite TV channel and something went wrong with your HDMI cable connection? You just tried to call the electrician to come for help. But Alas! He is not available. Now, in such situation, if you don't want to miss your TV show and have a happy binge watch, take a look at these DIY remedies that can help you overcome HDMI connection problems.