9 Of The Best Aftermarket Tech To Add To Your Car

If you have watched James Bond movies, then you know that car gadgets are the coolest technology one can buy. In addition to making your car cool, they will safeguard your car and make your life easier. Whether you are using a new Audi or a used Honda accord, these gadgets will work for you. Here is the best aftermarket tech to add to your vehicle:

1. Wireless Charging Smartphone Mount

This technology prevents you from using a USB cable to charge your smartphone. The wireless charging smartphone mount will keep your smartphone in place and prevent it from blowing up in case of an accident. It can charge any device that is Qi-enabled. 

2. Hudly Aftermarket HUD From

You need not to purchase a new car to obtain a head-up display. This device rests on the dash and displays content like navigation directions from a linked smartphone. It also integrates with third-party apps to monitor all things such as fuel economy and performance parameters like rpm and speed.

3. Wi-Fi Automotive Security Camera

If you cannot offer security for your car around the clock, this device can do it for you. It acts as a dashcam as you drive and also stands sentry when you park. It has a 360 degree lens that can capture all things surrounding your vehicle after being triggered by sensors that detect impact and motions. It has a microSD card to automatically record the videos. 

4. Smart-Homes Head Unit

Sometimes you might be overwhelmed, and you forget to close your garage, exposing your property to theft. However, the smart-home head unit will inform you if you have not locked it and you don’t have to go back home. You can close it remotely. As long as you have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can use Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant respectively.

5. Ztylus Stinger

People don’t usually expect to get into car accidents, but getting ready for it can offer a person a sense of safety. This is a handy technology is a usb port for a phone charger, but in the event your car doors or windows are jammed, the Stinger can shatter the car window or dashboard, letting you exit your car speedily. The device also has a slim blade on the backside to allow you in slicing through a stuck seat belt.

6. Fobo Tire Plus

Tires that are properly inflated wear out evenly, which increases fuel efficiency as well as the lifespan of your rubber. As opposed to the use of handheld pressure gauge to ensure proper inflation of your tires, this technology uses various Bluetooth gauges to link this information to your phone. It will alert you on your phone in case the tire pressure gets low. The app offers a tutorial that is easy to follow, reducing the installation time to under five minutes. 

7. Tile-Mate

Due to the human’s characteristic of forgetting, people lose thousands of dollars in their lives. It is commonly known that car keys are one of the most misplaced items. However, this device is equipped with Bluetooth to allow it to easily slide onto a keychain, making it possible for you to get the location of your car keys with a mobile app. Even if you have locked your keys in your car, you will locate them. This is an excellent Bluetooth tracker that integrates with many infotainment systems.

8. Escort Max 360

Whenever you are on an open road with very few cars in sight, you can be tempted to over speed. But this habit can cause you to pay hefty fines. However, this device will aid you by giving you notifications in case there are police using radar to detect over speeding cars. The device has dual antennas and powerful smartphone integration that let you network with speedsters that are near. 

9. Park-zone PZ-1600

It can be hard to find out the distance to pull up when you are parking in tiny garages. Parking assistants are efficient in aiding you to prevent your front bumper from constantly tapping and maximizing your space. The device is a traffic signal display to inform you when you have gone too far when pulling up.

Last updated:12/4/2018 9:11:55 AM


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