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How to create "Calendar event" in SharePoint 2010 -> ListDefinition in XML?

Hi all , i need a helping. How to make "How to create Calendar event in SharePoint 2010 -> List Definition in XML"


How to create list definition, don't content type. Just list definition. Pls help me.

Introduction to Sharepoint

Sharepoint is a browser-based platform from Microsoft that allows for easier, timely and effective documents management.

By Alex R posted   5 years ago

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration

In this blog I am going to explain how to start SharePoint 2010 Central Administration after installing SharePoint Foundation Server in Windows 7.

SharePoint2010 Social Networking Features

I am trying to give you a brief idea about SharePoint2010 Social networking capabilities.

By Uttam Misra posted   6 years ago

Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Microsoft has provided a lot ofnew SharePoint 2010 features including the fancy interface- and much morefunctionality.

By Uttam Misra posted   6 years ago

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