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SharePoint2010 Social Networking Features

Uttam Misra3609 28-Oct-2010

I am trying to give you a brief idea about SharePoint2010 Social networking capabilities. Social networking capabilities have beenimproved a lot in SharePoint 2010. 

Here are the few interesting points. 

Profile Page in SharePoint2010 

Profile page in SharePoint 2010 has been improved and nowit is giving similar functionalities like in Twitter or other social networkingwebsites. 

Overview: It displays basic profile of the userlike user picture and presence information. It also includes colleague web part. 

Colleagues: List of people in our organization. Wecan add other Colleagues from the organizations. 

Content: It displays all our recent activity likerecently used documents or new blog posts etc. 

Organization: It contains an organization chart andshows our peers to the right and superiors above. 

Tags and Notes:  It displays all our tags and notes. 

Memberships:  This shows all belonging sites and distributionlist. 

Picture Library:  SharePoint 2010 has added a better way tomanage our profile pictures.

Updated 18-Sep-2014
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