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Before talking about the custom research project composing administrations, it's imperative to look at what research projects are and how they ought to be composed.

Insightful Review of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition

The home edition of the software, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery version 7.0 does what it is developed to do that recovers data.


Windows Phone could be a extremely protractible platform that provides you a number of opportunities to develop apps that square measure partaking

Windows Service in .Net

Windows service is a long-running executable that performs specific functions and it is designed not to require user intervention.

Windows Service

Windows services don’t have any user interface, when we want to create any long running code we create windows services which runs in background.

Windows Service to update record from one database to another after certain interval of time

This service will update records from one database (db1) to another database (db2) Before creating this application we need two databases. Here I’ve named them “db1” and “db2”.


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