Why Your Computer Keeps on Rebooting and Computer Repairs You Can Do

Why Your Computer Keeps on Rebooting and Computer Repairs You Can Do

If your business or career highly depends on your computer, a faulty one could cause serious issues in your finances and affect your productivity rate.

Ever experience when your computer keeps on rebooting?

Does your computer keep on rebooting in the most crucial time when you have tons of deadlines to meet?

This is not only frustrating. It takes up a lot of your time which you could have used for your work.

There are a few reasons you must consider identifying the cause of why your computer keeps on rebooting. Here are the four reasons and solutions you may try to conduct as initial computer repair.

RAM Issues

Any byte of memory can be accessed even without touching the preceding bytes. This is how RAM works. This physical hardware allows a computer to work with more information. It allows your computer to do various functions at the same time.

Faulty hardware might be causing your computer to restart in a loop. For instance, your computer suddenly restarts and you hear a beeping sound afterward, check first the RAM (Random Access Memory), sometimes the dust collected on its slot is the main reason why your computer starts to reboot over and over.

To fix this temporarily, remove the RAM from the slot and clean that spot and try to put it back safely. Once you’re done cleaning the slot, try to turn on your computer, this should work or else, it’s better to call a professional computer technician.

Power Supply is failing

Another area in your computer that must be check would be the power supply. You may not notice for a long time that the power supply is slowly failing, but here are a few signs to know if you need a power supply replacement or computer repair.

• You hear strange noises at the back of the computer where the cord is also located.

• The computer starts to reboot as soon as you open an application such as Photoshop, Microsoft office, and Dropbox.

• Your computer won’t start but there are instances that you can hear that fans start to spin.

There are factors on why does power supply seems to be failing, it can be either due to its age, you’ve been using it for around 5 to 10 years already, and brownouts. Yes, you’ve read it right! Brownouts or unintentional drops in voltage in your area can cause the power supply to malfunction and be damaged.

In this case, there is only one way to identify if the power supply causes your computer to keep on rebooting. Remove your current power supply and replace it with a good condition supply you have in the stock room, if the rebooting was eradicated, your previous power supply could be the culprit, then you can immediately resume with your workload or operate your business simultaneously.

Infected with a virus

This is definitely one of the reasons why computers keep on rebooting, a virus can be derived from the websites you’re browsing or the files you’ve been downloading without scanning it first. In some cases, you will notice that you are being redirected to another website and stating that you have won in a contest, or perhaps in a lottery. Unfortunately, these prizes and wins from the lottery where you did not participate are actually a virus.

The virus can enter your computer’s system before you know it, leaving it unattended for a long time will give you devastating situations you can hardly prevent. If you are unsure whether your computer is infected and might be the cause of your computer’s repetitive reboot, here’s a checklist:

• There are existing unknown files, folders and files are automatically duplicating on its own

• You started to notice that you have missing files and other important documents

• Unexpected pop-up windows and ads started to occur

• Programs start to crash and show error messages out of nowhere

To save your computer from any virus and rebooting repetitively, you may start to conduct initial computer repair solutions such as:

• Turn on the boot time scan feature of your computer to perform the deletion of viruses before it restarts.

• If step number one is still not effective, you may opt to put your computer in a safe mode, then, run a full virus scan.

• If step number one and two still not working on your end to prevent your computer from rebooting repetitively, you have to reformat the hard drive to eradicate the virus that has infected your computer.

In case you are hesitant to reformat the hard drive and backing up your files seem to be time-consuming for you, you can always call for the professional help from a computer repair specialist to get rid of your computer problems. Otherwise, if you prolong, it will cost you more than you expected as it has affected other parts of your computer.

Software Conflict

If you recently install new software and your computer started to reboot automatically, you just have to delete the software. Better yet, update the responsible driver for keeping software in order for you to continue utilizing the software, and avoid the device to restart repetitively.


If none of the initial computer repair solutions worked, it’s highly recommended to call for professional help or approach a computer repair shop near you.

A computer that reboots on a loop needs to be addressed immediately and properly, insisting to solve it on your own is more likely you could lose unsaved documents and other valuable data. Don’t let any computer issues disrupt your productivity, head on to the nearest laptop and computer repair shop in San Antonio.

Look for the computer repair shop that has a reputable background with a long list of loyal clientele. This will let you know that your computer and your files are in safe hands. Take your time to look for a repair shop with satisfied reviews.

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