Pig Latin Operators in Hadoop

Pig Latin has a simple syntax with powerful semantics we will use to carry out two primary operations:

Hadoop integration with R

Developers and Programmers are still continue to explore various approaches to leverage the distributed computation benefits of MapReduce and the almost limitless storage capabilities of HDFS in intuitive manner that can be exploited by R.

Pig Architecture and Application Flow in Hadoop

Simple” often sense as “elegant” when it comes to those remarkable architectural drawings for that new Silicon Valley mansion we have planned for when the money starts rolling in after we implement Hadoop.

MapReduce Mapper Class:

Mapper class is responsible for providing implementations for mapping jobs in MapReduce.

Managing files with Hadoop File System Commands

HDFS is one of the two main components of the Hadoop framework; the other is the computational paradigm known as MapReduce.

Data Replication in Hadoop: Replicating Data Blocks (Part – 1)

In HDFS, the Data block size needs to be large enough to warrant the resources dedicated to an individual unit of data processing On the other hand.

Hadoop Java API for MapReduce

Hadoop has gone through some big API change in its 0.20 release, which is the basic interface in the 1.0 version .

Input Splits and Key-Value Terminologies for MapReduce

As we already know that in Hadoop, files are composed of individual records, which are ultimately processed one-by-one by mapper tasks.

Concept of Data compression in Hadoop

The massive data volumes that are very command in a typical Hadoop deployment make compression a necessity.

Importance of Map Reduce in Hadoop

From the beginning of the Hadoop’s history, MapReduce has been the complete game changer in town when it comes to deal with data processing.

How to Choose the Right Hadoop Distribution?

Commercially available distributions of Hadoop offer different combinations of open source components from the Apache Software Foundation and from several other places

Hadoop Tools: Amazon Services

A number of companies offer tools designed to help you get the most out of your Hadoop implementation. Here’s a sampling:

Concept of Key- Value Pair Data in Hadoop MapReduce

First of all, let’s just clarify about what do we meant by saying “key-value” pairs by understanding similar concepts in the Java standard API.

Apache Hadoop Eco-system

There are several other open source components that are typically seen in a Hadoop deployment.


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