Why to migrate to Microsoft OFFICE 365?


              Why to migrate to Microsoft OFFICE 365?

Microsoft provides numerous tools that most of the web conferencing services use as an additive with their own products, so it's obvious for the company to have its own virtual meeting tool that directly employ its product line. Lync, the Microsoft's conferencing tool, comes packed with Microsoft Office 365 suite. It smoothly consolidates with PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheets and Outlook calendar.

Below are ten reasons why you should migrate to Microsoft OFFICE 365:

1. Can build community and thought leadership across your organization

Office 365’s corporate social networking application, Yammer is one of the best, but often overlooked features. Yammer is like Facebook for your enterprise. It allows users to create profiles, write blogs, and connect with other colleagues in the organization.

Yammer foster community and develops relationships within your company, which can do wonders for employee engagement and retention.

Because of its blogging feature, Yammer also encourages thought leadership and idea sharing which can move your company forward.


2. Collaborate easily with powerful tools

Are you getting bored of frequently attaching your document to your email, sending your email to a colleague, and then reviewing the comments for changes? Using Office 365, you can finally get rid from going back and forth with your colleagues. You and your whole team can work on the same file at a particular time it could be a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation-with its web apps and file sharing.

On which tasks your colleagues are working, you can easily know with Office 365’s shared calendar feature, video conferencing, and instant messaging.


3. Using Delve, Discover files, insights, and expertise

It can be overwhelming for having so many files at your disposal through file sharing and information in your corporate social network. But using Delve in Office 365 makes it easier for users to search for files, insights, and even people within the enterprise.

Delve is a powerful search tool which explores all the shared files, user profiles, and even blogs of users. Delve allows you to find the right information, the right expertise, and even the right people you need for your work when you need them. It’s the tie that binds your company’s information, insights, expertise, and people together. 

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4. Popularises your brand

A business email feature in Office 365 allows you to use your domain name for your corporate email for branding and marketing. You can also customize the format of your emails and create an email template for consistency and effect. 

5. Work from anywhere, anytime

You can work everywhere with Office 365. Its web app allows you to work using your internet browser without installing any program or software on your device. All you have to do is to sign in to your account and you can work using any PC or device. You can also install the full program on your tablet or even smartphone so you can work flexibly. 

6. You have to only Pay for what you need, and when you need it

Using Office 365, your organization can actually save a lot of costs. In the long-term, subscribing to Office 365 results in lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to lower upfront costs and savings associated with third-party software, upgrade, and maintenance cost reductions.

1.    Buying a full-feature software involves a large investing cost. It would be wasted if any employee leave your company. In Office 365, you can subscribe on a monthly basis. When an employee leaves your company, you can simply unsubscribe for his or her services. Moreover, upfront costs for software are generally considered as capital expenditures (CAPex), instead of operating expenses (OPex) and takes more time for approval.

2.  Because data is shared over Microsoft’s secure servers, you can eliminate the need for antivirus software for your enterprise. Additionally, Office 365’s other features like, enterprise social networking, Skype for Enterprises, Delve, Outlook, and OneDrive, also eliminate the need to purchase similar third party software for your enterprise.

3.  Any software is needed to be upgraded every one to two years to keep updated. With Office 365, upgrades are a thing of the past as it is constantly updated at no extra cost to you, ensuring that your enterprise is always using the latest version and features.

Finally, it costs a lot of money to maintain shared servers for your enterprise. But with Office 365, users are already given up to 1TB of storage. You can finally do away with the expenses associated with shared servers, not to mention the savings you can realize from not having to hire a dedicated expert to constantly maintain and check your service infrastructure. 

7. Get technical expert support

Most, if not all, SaaS solutions offer 24/7 support for their services and Office 365 is no exception.

Should you encounter any problem with Office 365, you no longer have to go to your company’s technical support team and wait for them to fix the problem. You can just chat with Microsoft’s team of technical experts on Office 365’s website. 

8. Do not have to worry about maintenance

You need to ask to your technical support team, if you require something to be installed in the office. In case a program crashes, most of the time, only they have control over installations. But, with Office 365, you can say goodbye to drivers and installers. All you have to do is login to your account to start working. In case you want to reinstall your program, all you have to do is re-download it. 

9. Ensuring high safety and security of your data

Data safety and security is the most common reason that companies cite for not migrating to Office 365. But, having your data stored in Office 365’s servers is possibly much safer than placing them on your own servers.

With its sheer size, resources, and expertise, Microsoft is able to implement the best security measures for your data, both physically and digitally. Microsoft’s data centers are not disclosed to the public. Additionally, you can rest assured that the best physical measures are in place such as 24-hour monitoring, multi-factor authentication, and biometric scanning for data access. Microsoft also uses top-of-the-line encryption to protect your valuable data. 

10. Stop worrying about lost data

Lastly, your files are get backed up even while you are working on them, using Office 365. You don’t have to worry about sudden crashes or unsaved files. Also, duplicity are in place so you can rest assured that even at the data center-level, your files are backed up and secure.

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