As the technology is expanding, the world is going on the web through the internet. The websites running today are so enhanced and productive that they can work out for anybody in any way and prove a helping hand to them. These websites are so much informative for the users because of the contents they have.

The verbal Content and its presentation play a primary role in promoting a website. Whether it is ‘homepage’ or ‘about us’ section, the content reflects the quality of a website. The content is the first thing that the user faces when he/she visits a website for the first time, which means the content could be a judgment  factor for the user to access the site further more. He/she will move forward if he finds the content relevant, or may go for any other website with meaningful content.

So, if you have good content on your website, you will have good traffic and that enhances the popularity and entitles a high ranking to your website. Not totally, but I would say, half of the popularity credit goes to the Content of the pages of a website.

Now, the question arises, what and how to write content? We are providing here a few tips that will surely help you in getting ideas about how to engage users on the landing page.

1.Know about the readers:

The first step is, to clearly identify the readers of your content. One should always know about his/her audience i.e. the type of readers that will or may read that content. This is because when you know your target audience’s characteristics like what they need and how they speak, you will be much more definite, direct and clear in expressing your talks.

2.Place primary information first:

You know that users spend only a few seconds on a landing page. So, the content visible to them must be vital and relevant for them. He can read it and get engaged in little time and small space before scrolling.

Always remember, your content should prove eye catching to them in just inches of space and few seconds of reading.

3.Use direct indicating words for the user:

You should use words and phrases for second person, like ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘yours’ in your content. This will depict as you are directly talking to the user.

You can use direct sentences like ‘keep it done fast’ or ‘write it here’.

You can occasionally use ‘we’ but you should talk less about your company or organization.

4.Present the content wisely:

Content writing is about words, but it is more about how the words are displayed. You have less space to highlight your content and you should make it easy for the readers to read. Display your content in such a way that a reader should sail through it, picking up the depth of the words easily. You should use short paragraphs, bulleted lists, bolding and underlining texts, etc.

5.Use every space provided:

You should use each and every space given to you. Use any graphics or images related to the text, in the white spaces. This will help in engaging users, by not overwhelming with the words.

6.Conclude to give action:

You should end the article by giving information to the readers like telling them about full access to your services, telling them about deadlines for any promotional offers or how they can contact you for further process.

Now, you have sufficient knowledge to start your first writing for an integrated part of web marketing. If you are new in this, you may be stalling but gradually practicing, you will learn.

As in starting, I recommend reading and analyzing other’s content. This will help you to gain tactics and know about famous writers and grasp their writing styles.

Keep in mind, content writing is not a science, rather it is an art. You don’t have to learn an art more, but practice it. The more you practice, the more you will get polished in the art.

Also remember, writing is always a continuous process which you may master slowly but surely. If you try to run, you may fall.

In Information technology field, things are changing fast, so you also have to keep your pace fast in learning and staying update to stand outshining in this field.

After writing your article, you must check it for plagiarism i.e. for any checking for any duplicity. Your content’s words must be unique and new to the readers. If you want to write independently you can try guest blogging. Numerous websites offer guest blogging. I would prefer Mindstick blog.

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