Guest blogging is a practice that bloggers use to raise traffic on their blogs. Bloggers write posts to publish on another blogger’s site.

It can work in two ways:

•When anyone writes an article on your blog site.

•When you want to write a post on another person’s blog

One should be Beware about many websites use guest blogging as a way

to build links to their website.

If the main reason for posting a guest post published is to insert backlinks, this gets disapproved by the search engines. Google can also penalize sites that build SEO link in their guest posts.

Posting your content on another blog is one of the best ways to bring in huge traffic to your website. We can write guest posts on various blogs, and these posts could be eye-catcher for interested readers to your website.

Guest posting also help in your SEO efforts by bringing high-quality backlinks to your website.

There are certain steps that one can follow to get fruitful benefits of Guest Blogging.

Step-1: Select a right blog to post on:

So now, if you want to post a guest blog, you should not pick any random blog to post. The first condition you should see for is the quality of the blog. It should rank high on the list and also have high quality content.

The next thing you should understand is that your blog should provide the blog’s readers something valuable. It is of no use to write a blog on  constructing a building for a mobile app development blog. So, you need to be sure that your blog’s topic is relevant to the blog on which you are writing, and, your blog surely should have much of meaningful content for the readers of the other blog site.

Here are three key-points you should take care of:

1.Similar forte of the blog

2.High traffic on blog

3.Ranking of the page

Here is a list of some blog sites that allow guest posting and you can go

through them before selecting a right place to post.
















If you want to post on technology related articles or have any questions, the Mindstick blog is the best place. You can find the Blog section in the developer section on You can straight away write your article after logging into with your Google, Facebook or any email id.

Step-2: Select a topic and write a post:

Once you know the blog you want to write about, you need to select the topic for the post. But you shouldn’t cover the topics that has been written out before. You should try to make your content unique and fresh.

Also, you can try to imitate the blog owner’s writing style as this will raise a chance of acceptance for the post.

Never be afraid to face a rejection of a post by the owner. If your post isn’t selected for one site, you can publish it on your own blog or any other blog. And don’t forget to ask for a feedback, that why and how your post doesn’t fit into their blog. The bloggers feel happy to share.

 Here are some general tips for writing a great post:

Write according to your knowledge

Be highly unique in your content

Provide the most valuable information.

Make sure the post is relevant to the blog’s readers

Provide outbound links of high-quality  (not to your own blog)

Step-3: Getting in Contact with a blogger:

Many blog owners feel good to be contacted and get good content onto their blog. You can simply ask the blogger to permit you to post on their blogs.

You can also write an e-mail to the owner with your post attached (.doc or .docx) to it.

Don’t forget to mention your mail-id and your social networking addresses in the mail.

Step-4: Try to get traffic after your guest article get posted:

Now, your article is posted and it will reach to the readers who will find it relevant to read. The traffic will increase on your blog and you can get new subscribers to the blog, depending upon the content quality of your article.

Step-5: Promote your guest post:

As soon as your post get published on the blog, you can self-promote your blog posts on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms so as to increase the traffic.

Also, you can place an outbound link to any of the owner written blog in your guest blog and tell the owner about it. This will surely help in accepting your post. This is really a good practice to convince anybody to like you.

But never include the backlinks into the post. if you’re just trying to build backlinks, the blog owner will never accept your post.

Step-6: Reply to comments:

As readers read your post, they will get some ideas or questions in their mind and comment on the post. You need to reply to those comments and try to get engaged with the commenters and connect with them.

This will help build your identity, and will bring more traffic and more opportunities for guest posting.

Now, everything you know about guest blogging. So, start writing it in your way, keeping the above points in mind. You can post as much as you can depend upon the exposure you are getting and how much time you are spending into it.

 What’s your strategy to post a blog? Do reply me.

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