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Big Tech is not removing phoney news effectively enough

On Tuesday, Avaaz said Twitter, Google's YouTube, Meta Platform's Facebook, Microsoft's LinkedIn, and TikTok aren't doing enough to combat fake news.

Musk claims that a more expensive Twitter subscription won't include advertisements

Musk said at the beginning of December that Twitter's Basic blue tick will have half as many ads and that by 2023, it will have a higher tier with no ads.

Twitter's new developer guidelines officially prohibit third-party clients

Twitter quietly banned Tweetbot and Twitterific from its developer agreement. One week after Twitter blocked certain Twitter apps without explanation.

Twitter back online after global outage hits thousands

The widespread service interruption at Twitter that occurred last week was the platform's first since Elon Musk assumed control.

Musk will leave his position as CEO of Twitter once he finds "someone foolish" to succeed him.

After stepping down as Twitter's CEO, Elon Musk announced through Twitter that he would exclusively oversee the company's server and software teams.