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Russia launches a replacement spacecraft for trapped astronauts due to a coolant leak.

Russia launched a Soyuz spacecraft that will replace a capsule that sprang a coolant leak in December, leaving two cosmonauts and one NASA astronaut without a r

'Secret' planet at the boundary of our solar system may be five times larger than Earth.

Scientists believe that a huge planet which has never been seen by astronomers could be lurking, almost invisibly, at the dark edges of our solar system.

NASA and SpaceX postpone the Crew-6 astronaut mission till February 27.

SpaceX and NASA have pushed the launch of the Crew-6 astronaut mission by a day to Feb. 27, allowing more time to investigate several minor issues.

Unseen lights upon the sun might help solve the enigma of the solar atmosphere

NASA's NuSTAR telescope has spotted patches of high-energy X-rays radiation across the sun's surface that could explain why the star's atmosphere is mysteriousl

NATO Launches Its Largest Space Project Ever To Improve Military & Surveillance Operations

NATO's project is named Alliance Persistent Surveillance from Space (APSS) and will see participation of 16 allied nations along with Sweden and Finland.

A Recent Image of Mars Shows Remnants of Its Ancient History

Mars Express, an ESA mission, captured a stunning photograph of Mars's complex surface geology that indicate Mars' distant past.