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Foxconn to Invest Around $1 billion in Bengaluru

Foxconn is anticipated to invest around $1 billion in phases, helping the southern state become an electronic manufacturing economy and attract vendors as a riv

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) division of Amazon will invest $35 billion in the Commonwealth of Virg

Amazon Web Services plans to invest $35 billion in the construction of new data centres in Virginia by 2040, according to Governor Glenn Youngkin. One thousand

Women stay ahead of the game when it comes to investing in crypto

Women are ahead in the crypto investment world, which is mostly seen as a male-dominated culture. Can predict that women investors will grow the fastest.

Italy is Ready Clinch with Intel a Deal of $5 Billion for Chip Factory

Italy is about to clinch a deal of $5 billion with Intel in order to build an advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly plant within the country.

Sony is ready with an aim to invest in Esports

Sony has planned for buying the Esports event platform Repeat.gg. Well, it is even marking the PlayStation maker’s newest funding into Esports.