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Amazon is rumoured to be launching an NFT initiative tied to their e-commerce website in April

Amazon, which millions of people use for online shopping, is anticipated to begin NFT in three months. Amazon's Web3 goals may stimulate NFT gaming.

ISS Astronauts Study Space, Biology and Physics as They Prepare for Their Next Spacewalk

Expedition 68 astronauts washed up after three days of bone healing tests before a spacewalk. ISS astronauts investigated space and photographed Earth.

Musk claims that a more expensive Twitter subscription won't include advertisements

Musk said at the beginning of December that Twitter's Basic blue tick will have half as many ads and that by 2023, it will have a higher tier with no ads.

Government Identifies 30 Illegal Telecom Set-Ups for Routing ISD Calls

Illegal telecom setups link to domestic mobile and landline networks on one side and largely employ internet connectivity for call distribution.