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India is one of the top three countries for Facebook user growth

Meta, a social media company, revealed in a regulatory filing that India is one of Facebook's top three countries for active user growth as of December 31, 2022

Microsoft will discontinue Windows 10 download sales on January 31st

Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 downloads at the end of this month. It comes more than two years before official support for Windows 10 ends in October 2

Big Tech need to split profits with online news publishers

Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apurva Chandra urged big-tech aggregators to share revenue with digital news publishers, who create unique material.

Adani Is Addicted To ChatGPT And Says The Race for AI Will Be Hard

Adani Group CEO Gautam Adani described ChatGPT as a "transformational moment in the democratisation of AI" at the World Economic Forum, which examined generativ

Samsung Elec to triple advanced chip production by 2027, sees robust demand

Advanced 2-nanometer technology chips are the focus of mass manufacturing at the second-largest foundry in the world, after Taiwan Manufacturing plant.

Government Identifies 30 Illegal Telecom Set-Ups for Routing ISD Calls

Illegal telecom setups link to domestic mobile and landline networks on one side and largely employ internet connectivity for call distribution.

To Settle Location Tracking Lawsuit for $37.5 Million, Meta Files Motion

Meta reached a $37.5 million settlement in a lawsuit that alleged that the company had violated the users privacy by collecting its location without permission.

YouTube Channels got Banned for Spreading Hatred and Monetising Fake News

102 YouTube channels have been banned by the government which were known to routinely spread misinformation about India to its lakhs of subscribers.