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What are different types of Allergies?

What is an allergy? An allergy is the body's reaction to a substance it perceives as a harmful "intruder". For example, contact with substances that are normall

What is Dandruff?

What is dandruff? Dandruff is a type of seborrheic dermatitis (SD) that causes itchy, scaly skin, but only occurs on the scalp. It is so common that it affects

What are Birthmarks?

What is a mole? There are two main categories of moles: red moles and colored moles. A red mole is a type of vascular (vascular) mole. Pigmented moles are area

What are the possible Treatments for Agoraphobia?

About agoraphobia Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder. A person with agoraphobia is afraid to leave an environment in which they know or feel safe. In sev

How to treat and Prevent Ulcer?

What are the treatments for a stomach ulcer? You shouldn't treat an ulcer on your own without first talking to your doctor. Over-the-counter antacids and acid b

Is Weight Loss surgery Safe?

Bariatric surgical treatment itself is generally a secure manner, specifically with current technological advances within the surgical area. The consequences of

What is Vomiting and Nausea?

Nausea is an disappointed stomach that regularly precedes vomiting. Vomiting is the pressured, voluntary or involuntary emptying ("vomiting") of belly contents

What is Peptic Ulcer? Symptoms, causes and Prevention

stomach ulcers are open sores that broaden inside your belly and within the top a part of your small intestine. The most common symptom of a belly ulcer is abdo

Treatment for Jaundice

what's the treatement? Anemia-brought about jaundice can be dealt with via growing the quantity of iron within the blood, both with the aid of taking iron suppl

Cranker Sores: Symptoms and Causes

Aphthae, additionally referred to as aphthae, are small superficial lesions that expand on the tender tissues of the mouth or at the base of the gums. unlike bl

What is the Link Between Resting Metabolic Rate and Basal Metabolic Rate?

Your body makes use of electricity all the time for crucial activities like breathing and digestion. Your metabolism controls how your frame makes use of energy

Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a group of threat elements that includes stomach fats, excessive blood stress, excessive blood sugar, and bad cholesterol levels. treatmen