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Facebook Ads: How and Why You Should Run Them

Facebook Ads: How and Why You Should Run Them

Victoria Lim 1115 19-Feb-2019

If you are a modern-day marketer, you know how easy it is to – consciously or unconsciously – follow in the footsteps of every other marketer’s process; whether it be blogging, video, email marketing, SEO, guerrilla marketing, search marketing, or even cold-calling your potential clients, the options are seemingly endless.

In the world of hyped digital consciousness, social media poses as one of the best (and easiest) tools to use for both personal and business gains. How so? Just as you, as an individual user and a business owner, are habitually checking your social media accounts for updates, information, and/or leisure, so do your clients. Get where we’re going with this?

Although the plethora of social platforms (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) offers a range of possibilities for advertising, one particular social network stands out in every respect. It’s Facebook, and here’s why:

#1: Facebook Pays Off

Facebook Ads: How and Why You Should Run Them

With 1.49 billion members worldwide, Facebook has a user-base bigger than the population of China! As per stats, there are 22 billion ad clicks per year, giving businesses the most significant advertising opportunity ever recorded. So, even if your client shows no interest in FB per se, someone they know does, meaning: easy audience reach.

#2: Facebook Is Effective to Push On-the-Fence Leads Down the Funnel

Remarketing on Facebook works wonders since it accumulates results by targeting audiences that have already visited your site. Meaning, if your target customers are already your “likers,” they are more likely to be interested in your services/products at some level than those you have yet to wow with your campaign.

#3: Facebook Allows You to Clone Your Audience

Wait, what? Yes! By using “lookalike audiences” feature, you can clone your existing audience that already converts beautifully and, therefore, reach new people. Essentially, this means you’ll be reaching new (potential) clients similar to those who already like you and, in doing so, increase the chances of getting new followers that’ll also like what your business is offering. Sweet, isn’t it?

#4: Facebook Ads Are Cheap

You may think all good things in life come for free but Facebook strongly disagrees.

As organic activity on your business page won’t get you anywhere, Facebook ads are paid, but they are not a rip off (unlike some other online marketing channels). The price? Around $5 per day, which is pretty cool. What is more, with a clear focus and proper Facebook budgeting, the cost-efficiency of the platform will amaze you.

#5: Facebook’s Visual Storytelling Capacities Are Brilliant

Unlike other platforms that are pretty limited in their visual storytelling capacities, Facebook is almost boundless in that respect. Using Facebook for advertising, you can enjoy loads of different visual ad types, like photo ads, YouTube videos or personalized brand videos, relevant content and so much more.

What works best on Facebook? Photo ads, for sure! Logically, the better your visual, the more audience you’ll attract and, following, build a recognizable visual brand online. Mindstick experts suggest that, in designing your Facebook visual, stimulating Photoshop actions will take you a long way, as all photos must be adequately edited. Why? Raw material just doesn’t cut it any longer, sorry.

What Are the Best Facebook Ad Tricks?

Facebook Ads: How and Why You Should Run Them

Things change, but people (read: consumers) keep responding to as-old-as-time stimuli:

#1 Feature Happy People, Kids, and Pets

Happiness is stimulating and contagious; associating it with your brand means more users likely to purchase your product/service. Whether your happy model is looking directly at the camera or expressing their joy differently, you can’t go wrong with this drill. Well, unless you are advertising for caskets and such.

#2 Use a Touch of Color

Eye-grabbing colors that stand against Facebook’s blue-and-white color scheme is the way to go. Even if your logo, product image, or mascot is blue, play with backgrounds and borders by choosing popping colors that attract the eye and stand out. Encourage the conversion with an excellent CTA, and see people get engaged!

#3 Be Funny… or Odd

Funny works, as does odd. Both attract the eye, make for fantastic conversation starters and are easily memorable. Plus, they inspire a reputation of being a casual, fun, and cool brand. Provided this is the vibe you are going for, use this tactic. If not, steer clear.

#4 Value Proposition

A clear value proposition goes a long way when it comes to Facebook ads. For instance, when you put the prize within your ad image that reads: ‘Win a $150 gift card’, it’ll almost instantly increase your click-through and brand engagement, following. Still, for a value proposition to work, you still need eye-catching color on your add.

Facebook Ads: How and Why You Should Run Them

While the idea of being omnipresent at all times is cute, for a business to be entirely successful, you need to invest conscious, 100% effort into channels that match your brand image, product/service, and our long-term business goals. That’s Facebook for you, right there.

Updated 08-Jun-2021
Victoria Lim

Victoria Lim

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