React Native vs. Real Native Apps — Which is Better?

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I am standing definitely for React Native - since it has multiple pros compering to native development.


Both ways to make mobile apps are good, but we would like to choose a better one. Both of them have their own pros and cons- so let’s check what is a better option.

React Native PROS:

-Simplified UI-no need to make a particular sequence of actions like in native development

-Hot Reload- increase number of iterations

-Up to 40% of reusing the code-code can be reuse on iOS and Android what save money and time

-Fast growing community- a community of React Native Developers id growing really fast what makes it even easier to implement ( a lot of repositories available)

-Easy to learn- React Native use JavaScript, so it is easier to learn

React Native CONS:

-Not every custom libraries are available like in native development

-Some parts of UI are still not available in React Native so it has to be delivered in iOS/Android native way

Native Development PROS:

-A lot of available APIs and libraries

-Some errors are easier to detect while using native languages

-Very complicated animations can still be implemented in UI

Native Development CONS:

-It is time-consuming, you can’t reuse the code like in React Native

-It is relatively harder to learn than React Native

So which one is better?

I stand for React Native since is not that time to consume and easier to learn and start witch. Of course when times by, it may look like native mobile app development is useful as well for some more complicated parts, but to start with I would go with React Native.

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    Re: React Native vs. Real Native Apps — Which is Better?

    Picking React Native over Swift relies upon your own inclinations and necessities. I'd state if your application isn't confused and doesn't have to incorporate nearly most recent highlights like, complex livelinesss or iMessage, you ought to settle on React Native at first.

    Furthermore, regardless of whether your prerequisites are mind boggling, yet you're an iOS or Android master and furthermore secure some web improvement presentation, React Native can settle on a decent decision as you'll conceivably fix all that you have to.

    In any case, in case you're a contestant in the realm of improvement, I'd prescribe dispatch on a solitary stage utilizing its local language at the outset. See how it functions. At that point way to deal with different stages.


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