LiveChatSupport – Ticket Management tool, FAQ Software & Live Chat software

LiveChatSupport is a Help desk software or a customer management tool, a product by Site Galleria, a web development company in India. If you are looking for a tool to help you with communicating with customers to fix their issues, a ticket management system that manages the tickets along with automated email notifications to customers, an FAQ system that effectively educates customers and solves most of the surface level issues without requiring much human efforts, a live chat tool to serve your customers real time, then you must try LiveChatSupport. It is a complete Help desk software for engaging and communicating with your customers.


Features of LiveChatSupport, a Help desk Software:

LiveChatSupport is a cloud-based help desk software that helps you serve your customers instantly via Live Chat Box powered with Artificial Intelligence(AI), Ticketing System, and FAQ Management System.

1. LiveChatSupport Dashboard with Analytics:

LiveChatSupport Dashboard is simple and provides clear insights into your business’s performance. It provides details of the number of ongoing chats, the number of leads your business have generated till date, the number of admins or help desk agents being active, the analytics of how your business is performing online on the tool and more.

Track the activities of agents logged in or disconnected from the software. Analyze the trends of your chats and leads timely through our graph representations. Get trends of your business Strategize your business accordingly to grow your business and serve your customers effectively.

You can also add and manage users/help desk agents and assign them roles, position as per their departments to interact and engage with your customers and serve them effectively without any hassle. With our Free starter pack, you get to add 5 agents to manage your help desk to engage, communicate and serve your customers.

2. Live Chat Software

Engage with them through our Live Chat Software, answer all your customer queries with a great set of audio and visual alerts. Never miss the potential leads or conversions, visiting your website. Anticipate customer queries and offer help when and where they need it most with live chat box support. It is witnessed that customers are more likely to buy a product or a service when you reach out with a chat.

Our AI-powered chatbot- Live Chat Software is also fed with FAQs, powered with Artificial Intelligence(AI) that would answer and educate most of the customer queries related to your products and service. The AI-powered FAQs in the Live Chat Box are placed dynamically based on the relevancy and popularity. This helps you cater to your customers effectively.

Live Chat Software let agents help more customers in less time. Turn your website visitors to potential leads, convert your leads to happier customers with less manual efforts.

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3. Ticket Management System

Create tickets to fix your customer issues, manage tickets, prioritize them and more. Our Ticket Management Software lets you do all these along with automated email notifications sent to your customers. Get all the ticket reports you need automatically delivered right to your inbox. LiveChatSupport’s Ticket Management Software also lets your help desk agents filter tickets easily and resolve them faster. Customize everything your support team needs into your Ticket Management System.

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4. FAQ Software

Many customers prefer to find the answers to their queries without having to actually reach out to a customer service agent. Understanding this, we have designed FAQ software that empowers customers to independently find the information. Our FAQ Software is powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables businesses to provide customers with the most relevant and useful FAQs automatically.

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Try LiveChatSupport for free: LiveChatSupport Pricing

LiveChatSupport offers free starter pack, through which the software is free for the first 6 months and later the users can customize their plan and the price will be set accordingly. With our free starter pack, a business can add a maximum of up to 5 support agents, and up to 499 leads can be collected, up to 499 tickets can be managed and can have up to 499 chats with the customers in the live chat box.

Live Chat Support system creates a personal connection with customers looking for support. Earn and Build your customers loyalty through our Helpdesk software. It’s a fast and effective way to offer help without making them wait longer and interrupting their experience. LiveChatSupport helps you in keeping touch with your potential customers, keeping your current customers happy and build your brand and improve your brand reputation.


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