Bug can be defined as the abnormal behavior of the software. No software exists without a bug. The elimination of bugs from the software depends upon the efficiency of testing done on the software. A bug is a specific concern about the quality of the Application under Test (AUT).

Bug Life Cycle

In software development process, the bug has a life cycle. The bug should go through the life cycle to be closed. A specific life cycle ensures that the process is standardized. The bug attains different states in the life cycle. The life cycle of the bug can be shown diagrammatically as follows:

The different states of a bug can be summarized as follows:
1.       New
2.       Open
3.       Assign
4.       Test
5.       Verified
6.       Deferred
7.       Reopened
8.       Duplicate
9.       Rejected
10.   Closed 

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