How Can You Recover A Forgotten AOL Mail Password?

How Can You Recover A Forgotten AOL Mail Password?

The simple task of checking your mail can prove quite difficult if you got locked out of your mail account. This could happen with anyone when they forget their AOL mail password. And then try to login with the wrong password or trying to guess the correct one.

Luckily, your situation is not beyond resolution. IT can be solved pretty easily, AOL allows you to reset your password with ease. If you have access to your alternate email address or phone number then you can easily reset the AOL mail password. You may need to contact AOL technical support number if you don’t have access to both these things.

If you are looking to recover your forgotten AOL mail password with an email address or mobile phone then read on.

The procedure for AOL mail password reset

Nowadays many websites have done ways with the password recovery and instead, they are offering password reset option which is a secure approach. AOL has also moved away to Password reset, they regularly update their procedure but the core steps remain the same. We have listed all the steps to reset your password here in this article. After you’ve done reading our article, you won’t need to contact the AOL help support number.

  • Open official AOL mail website
  • Put in your Username and tap on Sign in
  • Now, choose the option of ‘I forgot my password’
  • Then type in your Username again and tap on Next button
  • Now, you need to type in your phone number associated with that account and then tap on Next.
  • You will receive a verification code on your phone number via a call or SMS. You can choose the method or receiving the code. And then click on ‘Yes, text me a verification code’.
  • When you receive the code you need to put that into the desired field on the website and click on ‘Verify’.
  • Now, you need to provide the new password for your account and click on ‘Save’ to complete the process.

Tip: Always use a password with combinations of letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and special characters. This makes for a strong password and your account will be more secure.

This will most likely solve your issue of forgotten password but if you are facing any other issues with AOL mail then you can contact the AOL support number for personal support. The expert executives will provide with the complete solutions as quickly as possible.

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