Cloud Computing Challenges

In spite of a technology enabler, cloud computing is facing many challenges in different aspects. Some of the main challenges faced by cloud computing are as follows:

 Cloud Computing Challenges



This is another challenge to cloud computing that applications should easily be migrated from one cloud provider to another. There should not be vendor lock-in. However, it is not yet made possible because each of the cloud provider uses different standard languages for their platforms.



Security and Privacy of information is the biggest challenge to cloud computing. Security and privacy issues can be overcome by employing encryption, security hardware and security applications.



To deliver data intensive applications on cloud requires high network bandwidth, which results in high cost. If done at low bandwidth, then it does not meet the required computing performance of cloud application.



It is necessary for cloud systems to be reliable and robust because most of the businesses are now becoming dependent on services provided by third-party.



Application on one platform should be able to incorporate services from other platform. It is made possible via web services. But writing such web services is very complex.

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