Cloud Computing Providers



Lot of cloud computing providers are available in the market today. Here is a list of popular Cloud computing platforms: This is a development platform. This provide a simple user interface and lets users log in, build an app and push it in the cloud.

Amazon EC2: The Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) lets the users configure and control computing resources while running them on Amazon's environment.

Microsoft: The Microsoft's Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform offering an environment to create cloud apps and services.

Google: The Google's App Engine lets the users build, run and maintain their applications on Google's infrastructure.

RackSpace: The RackSpace provide servers-on-demand via a cloud-driven platform of virtualized servers.

Appistry: The Appistry's CloudQ platform is efficient in delivering a runtime application platform. This platform is very useful to create scalable and service oriented applications.

AppScale: The AppScale is an open source platform for Google App Engine applications.

AT&T: The AT&T allows access to virtual servers and manages the virtualization infrastructure. This virtualization infrastructure includes network, server and storage.

Engine Yard: The Engine Yard is a Rails Application cloud computing platform.

Enomaly: Enomaly provides the Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform.

FlexiScale: The FlexiScale offers a cloud computing platform that allows flexible, scalable and automated cloud infrastructure.

GCloud3: The GCloud3 offers private cloud solution in its gPlatform.

Gizmox: The Gizmox Visual WebGUI platform is best suited for developing new web apps and modernize the legacy apps based on, DHTML, etc.

GoGrid: The GoGrid platform allows the users to deploy web and database cloud services.

LongJump: The LongJump offers a Business Application Platform, a platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

OrangeScape: OrangeScape offers a Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) for non-programmers. Building an app is as easy as spreadsheet.

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